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Hi there. I have 50 multiple choices questions in business law .I upload the chapters notes for these questions. I need u to find the correct answers and make sure it is 100% right. 

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1. Joshua runs a cattle breeding business and owes the LeBron Ranch $1,000. Joshua agrees to pay the LeBron a percentage of his profits each month until the debt is paid. This agreement is A. a delegation B. a partnership C. a delegation D. a shareholder 2. Susie and Reggie form Justin Bieber, Inc. Ultimate responsibility for policymaking decisions necessary to the management of the corporation rests with Justin Bieber’s A. Incorporators B. Officers C. Shareholders D. Board of Directors 3. Melissa is a junior partner in a law firm. As a partner, she has a right of inspection that permits her to review A. the clothing worn by the staff B. partnership books and records C. the tax returns filed by other partners D. any and all client files 4. Cortina Corporation handles investment accounts for small to medium size employers. In most circumstances the law would prohibit Cortina from subjecting its employees to A. drug tests B. electronic monitoring C. lie-detector tests D. searches of their desks, filing cabinets, or officers 5. For the Age Discrimination to apply A. the age discrimination must have been intentional B. the employee must be at least 25 years old C. the age discrimination cannot be intentional D. the employee must be at least 40 years old
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6. Best Buy Company manufacturers smart phones. Best Buy is like most corporations in that its officers are hired by the firm’s A. Board of Directors B. Incorporators C. Shareholders D. None of the above 7. Ralph is a director of Happy Days, Inc. Without telling Richard, Ralph goes into business with Sad Days, Inc., in competition with Richard. Ralph is liable for A. Breach of the duty of loyalty B. Breach of the duty of duty of care C. Violating the business judgment rule D. Indemnification of the corporation 8. Ravenous Corporation wants to gain control of Meek Company. The companies negotiate for several months, without coming to terms. Ravenous decides to pursue a takeover attempt. Meek decides to resist. Meek issues its stockholders additional shares at a low price so as to make Ravenous’s takeover attempt prohibitively expensive. This is a A. Poison pill B. Scorched earth tactic C. Pac-Man defense D. Crown jewel 9. Lori remodels Craig’s home. Craig doesn’t pay Lori in a timely manner. Lori has the following options: A. Ultra Vires B. Guaranty C. Surety contract D. Mechanic’s lien 10. Apple Corporation’s employment handbook states that employees will be dismissed only for good cause. Jill, an employee, is dismissed because her supervisor didn’t like her dress. If Jill sues Apple, a court could hold that A. There is an implied contract on the terms in the manual B. There is no contract because Tom doesn’t have a formal written agreement C. That Tom can file a Title VII suit based on the protected class of being a bad dresser D. Tom was not qualified because he did not sign a written employment agreement
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Chapter 34: Employment, ImmigraTon and Labor Law Employee/employment at will : may be terminated at any Tme, for any reason, unless doing so would violate statutory or consTtuTonal rights (all states but Montana) IMPOR±AN± NO±E: EVERY±HING DISCUSSED IN ±HIS CON±EX± APPLIES ONLY ±O EMPLOYEES NO± INDEPENDEN± CON±RAC±ORS OR O±HER AGEN±S ExcepTons to employee at will : 1. Contract theory: if there is an implied contract (employee handbook deFnes when Fred) 2. ±ort theory: wrongful discharge, intenTonal in²icTon of emoTonal distress, defamaTon, fraud 3. Public policy: most common excepTon (whistleblowing) Wages, Hours and Layofs 1. Davis-Bacon Act: federal construcTon contractors paid “prevailing wages” 2. Walsh-Healey Act: minimum wage and O± for manufacturers or supplies of US Government 3. ³air Labor Standards Act: spells out requirements on wages and hours (minimum, O±, etc.) Child Labor: children under 14 may only do certain types of work such as newspapers, work for parents, entertainment and agriculture (farm). Children 14-15 may work limited hours, only in non-hazardous jobs. Children 16-17 may not work in hazardous condiTons but no hours limits. Over 18 fair game. Minimum Wage: set by US Congress, states can go higher but not lower. If Tps then lower wage. OverTme: Anything over 40 hours in a week must be 1.5x pay (no limit on number of hours per day), certain employees exempt – BIG DISPU±E WI±H NEW LAW ±HA± CAME OU± LAS± MON±H Layofs: Certain employers (>100 employees) must provide 60 days noTce of RI³, Fned if not, must noTfy state so they can help Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA): family/medical reasons, states also have similar legislaTon for smaller Frms. If employee takes leave employer must conTnue health coverage and restore their job or comparable posiTon with nearly equivalent pay and beneFts. EXCEP±ION ³OR KEY EMPLOYEE. YOU’RE SOL. When does ³MLA apply 1. Newborn baby within one year of birth 2. Adopted/foster child within one year of placement 3. Employee’s spouse, child or parent with serious illness 4. Employee su´ers health condiTon and unable to perform essenTal part of job 5. Any other exigency for spouse, child, parent, etc. ViolaTons 1. Damages for lost wages and beneFts, other loss (eg-child care, cost of care) – LIMI±ED ±O UP ±O 12 WEEKS O³ SALARY 2. Job reinstatement
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3. Promoton if person denied one 4. CourT cosTs and a±orneys fee 5. If bad faiTh Then 2x damages Occupatonal SafeTy and HealTh AcT (OSHA): promoTes safeTy, if 3 or more injuries in 8 hour period or employee dies Then musT reporT Workers’ Compensaton: 1. ExisTence of an employmenT relatonship 2. AccidenTal injury ThaT occurred on The job or in The course of employmenT regardless of faulT COBRA: Can sTay on employers healTh insurance for 18 monThs wheTher quiT or Fred. Employee Privacy RighTs 1. ElecTronic moniToring – employers can moniTor emails, blogs, TexT messages, eTc. ²esT is wheTher reasonable expecTaton of privacy (eg-warned, provided device, eTc.) 2. Lie deTecTor TesTs – no longer allowed wiTh excepton for securiTy companies 3. Drug Testng – public versus privaTe employers (public can do more Testng) Labor Unions 1. laws prohibiT inTerference wiTh employees Trying To sTarT union 2. prohibiT employer’s dominaton of a labor organizaton 3. discriminaton in The hiring or awarding of Tenure based on union sTaTus 4. discriminaton for Fling charges under any labor laws 5. refusal To collectvely bargain Union negotatng 1. can’T rejecT a proposal wiThouT o³ering a counTer proposal 2. can’T engage in campaign wiTh workers To undermine union 3. can’T unilaTerally change wages or Terms and conditons of employmenT during bargaining process 4. can’T consTanTly change positons on key bargaining Terms 5. can’T send bargainers wiThouT auThoriTy To negotaTe S±RIKE: workers have righT To sTrike buT cannoT be guaranTeed job back if replacemenT hired
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Joshua runs a cattle breeding business and owes the LeBron Ranch $1,000. Joshua agrees to pay the LeBron a percentage of his profits each month...
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