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The "int()" operator in your calculator is the "greatest integer function."

It returns the greatest integer less than or equal to the operand and is written using square brackets: [x] or [[x]]. For example, it would give back 82 for [[82.976]]. In Smalltown, AZ the students receive grade points as follows: 4.0 for any grade 90% or higher. [90,100) 3.0 for any grade 80% or higher. [80,90) 2.0 for any grade 70% or higher. [70,80) 1.0 for any grade 60% or higher. [60,70) (Notice: students NEVER fail! And students never get 100%!)

What is a function that correctly returns grade points for gradesfrom 60% to 100%. (78.45 should give a 2.0). Is your function even, odd, or neither?

State the domain and range of the function for this situation

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