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CHEM 2400 , Spring 2017 Worksheet 3_Chapter 3: Alkanes and their stereochemistry_JMC DUE Monday, January 30, 2017 (only question 1) 1. Circle and name all of the functional groups in the following compounds. If amines or amides are present, classify them as 1 o , 2 o , or 3 o
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2. Draw and name (IUPAC) all the alkyl groups with molecular formula C 5 H 11 3. Answer the following questions based on the given structure. OH O a. How many primary carbons are present in the molecule? ________________________________ b. How many secondary hydrogens are present? _________________________________________ c. How many tertiary hydrogens are present? ___________________________________________ d. How many quaternary carbons are present? __________________________________________ e. Name all functional groups in this compound_________________________________________ f. What is the hybridization of C in C=O?______________________________________________ g. What is the hybridization of C in C=C?______________________________________________ h. How many sp 2 atoms are present in this compound?___________________________________ i. How many sp 3 atoms are present in this compound? j. How many π bonds are present in this compound?_____________________________________ 4. Identify the following pairs as IDENTICAL, CONSTITUTIONAL ISOMERS, or DIFFERENT. a. ________________________ b. ________________________ c. ________________________ 5. Draw and name the following isomers of the alkanes of molecular formula C 8 H 18 a. Two with ONE tertiary and ONE quaternary carbon. b. Two with TWO tertiary carbons and TWO secondary carbons. c. One with THREE tertiary carbons
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CHEM2400, Spring 2017 Worksheet 2_Chapter 2_Polar Covalent Bonds, Formal Charges, Resonance, Acids and Bases_JMC DUE Friday, January 27, 2017 1. Using the given electronegativity values, determine what type of bonds are indicated below (covalent, polar covalent, or ionic) and write the partial charges when appropriate. C = 2.5 Cl = 3.0 O = 3.5 Na = 0.9 S = 2.5 H = 2.1 Ti = 1.5 B = 2.0 K = 0.8 F = 4.0 a. 3 Cl Ti Cl - b. 3 2 2 CH CH CH SH - c. 3 2 3 CH CH O CH -- d. HF - e. 4 Na BH - f. K OH - 2. Assign the appropriate formal charges on the atom(s) requiring a charge in the structures shown below. a. NH 3 O O b. N H C H O : c. O N H d. NO 2 O 2 N O S H 3. Label the acid (A), conjugate acid (CA), base (B), conjugate base (CB), or acid-base complex (ABC) in the following acid-base reactions. a. CH 3 OH + NaH CH 3 O - Na + + H 2 b. CH 3 OCH 3 + BH 3 O + BH 3 -
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2 4. Give the products expected for the following reactions. Use curved arrows to show the movement of electrons leading to the formation of the product(s). a. H N H H : H O N + O - O + b. O - H O H + 5. Consider the following acid base reaction and answer the questions below. CH 3 CH 2 OH + CH 3 NH 2 A + B What is the structure of the conjugate base? Designate this as A in the above reaction. What is the structure of B and what is it called? What would the products be if CH 3 CH 2 OH was treated with HCl? 6. Draw valid resonance structures for the following compounds. Show the movement of electrons with curved arrows
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