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Identify the elements denoted by the electron

configurations shown below: 


1) 1s22s22p63s23p6

2) 1s22s22p63s23p64s23d04p1

3) [Ne] 3s23p2

4) Fill in the orbital diagram below for the element you identified in #1. (0.5 pts) 

____________________ (0.5 pts) ____________________ (0.5 pts) ____________________ (0.5 pts) 

5) Determine which of the molecules below contain polar covalent bonds AND use the appropriate symbols to represent the positive and negative poles. (1 pt) 

a) H-F b) N-N c) H-O-H d) H-Cl 

6) Determine the bond energy of the H-Cl bond given the following: (0.5 pts) 

The bond energy of the H-H bond is 434 kJ/mol and the bond energy of the Cl-Cl bond is 232 kJ/mol. 

7) Using what you know about the relationship between bond length and atomic radius, determine which of the following has the longest bond length: (0.5 pts) 

a) H-H b) F-F c) Cl-Cl d) Br-Br e) I-I 

8) Draw the Lewis dot structures for each of the following molecules (1 point): a) NOF b) H2CO 


9) Determine the Lewis structure, VSEPR, and Name of Shape for the following (1 point) 

a) CH2O b) BeCl2 


10) Correctly name the following compounds: (0.5 pts) a) Na2SO4
b) Ba(NO3)2
c) Ca3(PO3)2 

d) H2SO4 

11) Determine the formulas for the following compounds: (0.5 pts) a) calcium carbonate
b) iron(III) chloride
c) tin(II) chloride 

d) hydroselenic acid 

12) Determine the oxidation number of each element in the following compounds: (0.5 pts) 

a) N2
b) H2SO4 c) PCl3 d) HClO4 

N=___ H=___ P=___ H=___ 

S=___ O=___ Cl=___
Cl=___ O=___ 

13) (1.5 pts) You fill an uninflated balloon with 18 grams of solid CO2 (dry ice, M= 44.0 g/mol). What volume will the dry ice occupy when it vaporizes at 25oC and 1.02 atm? The balloon has capacity of 6.5 liters, will it pop? 

14) (1 pts) What is the density in g/L of neon at standard temperature and pressure (STP)? 

15) (1.5 pts) An average dairy cow produces 10,896 grams of methane gas, CH4, each year. What volume of CH4 is produced at 25oC and 740 mmHg? (Hint: convert grams to moles of CH4) 

16) (1.5 pts) What is the partial pressure of helium gas in a mixture of 32 grams of oxygen and 32 grams of helium held in a vessel at a pressure of 1450 torr? (1 point) 

17) (0.5 pts) Convert the following: a) 430 mmHg to atm 

b) 680 mmHg to torr 

18) (1 point) How would you make 350 mL of 26% (w/v) NaCl? (Be sure to include final volume of water needed) 

19) (0.5 pts) What does 10% (w/v) NaCl mean? 

20) (1 point) You have a stock solution of 25X TAE Buffer. How would you prepare 500 mL of TAE Buffer at working concentration (1X) from the 25X stock? 

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