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What are the correct answers for these questions?

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7) What is the correct name of the compound F417? 1. a) di Florine penta lodine 2. b) Flourine lodide 3. c) tetra Flourine hepta lodide 4. d) tetra Flourine hexa lodide

8) What is the correct name for NazP ? 1. a) Sodium tri Phosphide 2. b) Sodium Phoshphate 3. c) Sodium Phosphide 4. d) Sodium (1) Phoshphide

A double bond consists of pairs of electrons whereas a triple bond consists of pairs of electrons. a) 4 pairs, 6 pairs b) 6 pairs, 4 pairs c) 2 pairs, 3 pairs

The name for the Cu2+ ion is a) copper ion. b) cobalt (II) ion. c) copper (I) ion. d) copper(|l) ion

A compound is a) two or more elements well mixed. b) two or more elements combined chemically. c) two or more elements carrying a positive charge. d) a physical blend of two or more elements.

The difference between an ionic bond and a covalent bond is that a) ionic bonds commonly occur between two metals and covalent bonds occur between metals and nonmetals. b) ionic bonds are between atoms that can share electrons; covalent bonds are between atoms that will donate/accept electrons. c) covalent bonds come about because of a sharing of electrons; ionic bonds do not. d) ionic bonds are between smaller atoms; covalent bonds are between large atoms.

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7) What is the correct name of the compound F417?
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