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1.What are the conjugate acids for the following bases?

(a) HS-


 (b) C6H5O73- 

2.What are the conjugate bases of the following acids?:

(a) H2TeO3

(b) NH4+

3.In each of the following acid-base reactions, identify the Bronsted acid and base on the left, and their

conjugate partners on the right:

(a) HPO42- + H2C2O4 → HC2O4- + H2PO4-

(b) H2AsO4 - + SeO42- → HSeO4+ HAsO42-

(c) HSO4+ HC6H5O72- → SO42- + H2C6H5O7-

4. In a Bronsted acid-base reaction, the stronger acid reacts with the stronger base to produce a weaker acid and a weaker base. Thus, whether a reaction "goes" or "does not go" can be used to determine the relative strength of the Bronsted acids and bases in the reaction. From the data below, determine the order of the strengths of the three Bronsted acids.

Reaction 1: NH3OH+ + CO32- → HCO3+ NH2OH goes 

Reaction 2: (CH3)3NH+ + NH2OH → NH3OH+ + (CH3)3N does not go

Reaction 3: (CH3)3NH+ + CO32- → HCO3+ (CH3)3N goes

5..A 0.41 M solution of a weak acid HA is 1.75 % ionized. What are the H+, A-, and HA concentrations at equilibrium? What is Ka?

6. -The Ka for lactic acid, HC3H5O3 is 8.3 x 10-4 . What is the pH of a 0.40 M solution of the acid? What is the % ionization of the acid at this concentration?

7....A 0.86 M solution of a weak base B has a pH of 10.65. The equation for ionization is

B (aq) + H2O → BH+ + OH- 

What are the BH+, OH-, and B concentrations at equilibrium? Calculate Kb for the base.

8....The base ethanolamine, HOCH2CH2NH2, has a pKb equal to 4.50. Calculate the hydroxide concentration, the pH, and the % ionization for a 0.41 M solution.

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1. (a) HS - + H+ ...............> H2S conjugate acid is H2S. (b) C 6 H 5 O 7 3- + H+ ................> HC 6 H 5 O 7... View the full answer

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