I can't figure out where to start at all. 6.An acid-base indicator...

I can't figure out where to start at all.


6.      An acid-base indicator is usually a weak acid with a characteristic color in the protonated and deprotonated forms. Because bromocresol green is an acid, it is convenient to represent its rather complex formula as HBCG. HBCG ionizes in water according to the following equation:


HBCG  +  H2O  = BCG-  +  H3O+

    (yellow)                  (blue)


The Ka (the equilibrium constant for the acid) expression is:



When [BCG-] = [HBCG], then Ka = [H3O+]. If you know the pH of the solution, then the [H3O+] and Ka can be determined.


What would be the color of the solution if there were equal concentrations of HBCG and BCG-?


Solution Color: _______________


What is the pH at the first appearance of this color?


Solution pH: __________


What is an estimate for the Ka for bromocresol green? Show your work to get full credit.



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