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Are consider coprecipitated:I. Absorbed impuritiesII. Mother liquor impuritiesIII. Ashes impurities

IV. Adsorbed impurities

a. II and IV

b. I, II and III

c. I and IV

d. I and III

e. I, III, and IV

The relative supersturation provides information about: 

choose one or more

a. The difference between the instantaneous and the equilibrium concentrations of a solute in a solution, divided by the equilibrium concentration .

b. The formation of a colloid.

c. The best chelant agent to use in the experiment.

d. The percentage of each component in the solution

e. The particle size of a precipitate formed by addition of reagent to an analyte solution.

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Subject: Chemistry, Science
Are consider coprecipitated: Absorbed impurities II.Mother liquor impurities III. Ashes impurities IV. Adsorbed impurities a.II and IV b.I, II and...
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