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Question 1

Choose the correct number of electrons in the Lewis structure for NH3

Group of answer choices






Question 2

If the electronegativity difference between two atoms X and Z is 1.0,the bond between the two atoms would be

Group of answer choices


polar covalent

coordinate covalent

more than one correct response

no correct response


Question 3

Choose the appropriate number of atoms contained in a formula unit of iron(II) hydroxide.

Group of answer choices

two atoms per formula unit

three atoms per formula unit

four atoms per formula unit

five or more atoms per formula unit


Question 4

Elements in groups IIA and VIIA of the periodic table would, respectively, be expected to form ions with charges of

Group of answer choices

+2 and +7

+2 and +1

-2 and -7

+2 and -1


Question 5

Elements in groups IA and VIIA of the periodic table possess, respectively, how many valence electrons?

Group of answer choices

1 and 1

1 and 7

7 and 1

8 and 8


Question 6

Select the correct numerical value for the number of moles of S in two moles of H2SO4

Group of answer choices






Question 7

Avogadro's number of sulfur (S) atoms would have a mass of

Group of answer choices

6.02*10^-23 g

16 g

6.02*10^23 g

32 g


Question 8

What is the volume, in liters, occupied by 2.12 moles of N2 gas at 0.745 atm pressure and a temperature of 55oC?

Group of answer choices

42.5 L

76.6 L

1.3*10^-2 L

12.8 L


Question 9

Indicate what the missing words are in the following statement of Charles's law: At constant pressure, the volume of a gas sample is _______ proportional to its _______ temperature.

Group of answer choices

directly; Celsius

inversely; Celsius

directly; Kelvin

inversely; Kelvin


Question 10

Considering change of state descriptions, select the name of the change of the state for an endothermic change

Group of answer choices





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I have most of the answers, I just need to double check my work before turning it in. Thanks in advance!
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