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G glucose x 6 mol CO2/1 mol glucose x 44 g CO2/ mol CO2= 37 g per 2 miles d. How many grams of CO2 does a single car trip to work produce? 2.0 mi / 42 mi/gallon = 0.048 gallon x 3800 mL/ 1 gallon = 182 mL octane x 0.703 g/ mL = 130g 130 g octane x 1 mol octane/114 g octane x 16 mol CO2/ 2 mol octane x 44 g CO2/ mol CO2= 400 g CO2 per 2 miles e. If I walked in every single day for a year (365 days) instead of driving, how many grams of CO2 would not get dumped into the atmosphere? 365 days x 2 trips/day x 37 g/person =27,000 g 365 days x 2 trips/day x 400 g/car =290,000 g possible variations in answers: (weekdays only ~260 days [reasonable], one way trip; but remember I do have to get home every night!) F. How many pounds is this? Is it worth the walk?