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46. Complete and balance the the following equation: Cd(NO3)2 + NH4Cl → 47. Write a balanced net ionic equation for the following reaction. 48. How many liters of O2 are needed to react completely with 45.0 L of H2S at STP? 49. Describe the shapes and relative energies of the s, p, d, and f atomic orbitals. 50. Explain how atoms (ions) are held together in an ionic bond. Give an example of an ionic compound. When submitting an answer in the form of a subscript, use the word sub to indicate the subscript. For example, O2 would be written as Osub2. 51. Predict the precipitate that forms when aqueous solutions of silver nitrate and potassium chloride react to form products in a double-replacement reaction. Include a discussion of how to write the complete chemical equation describing this reaction. 52. A 500-g sample of Al2(SO4)3 is reacted with 450 g of Ca(OH)2. A total of 596 g of CaSO4 is produced. What is the limiting reagent in this reaction, and how many moles of excess reagent are unreacted?