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Kindly provide the detailed Solutions of the Case Given Below...its type of a quantity survey..Qustiion no 1:


Your father wants to construct a one Kanal house, but he is uncertain of upcoming expenditures. As a quantity engineer, recently you have created many cost analyses of various civil engineering projects and know about the type of activities and their resulting expense. How would you give a rough and detailed cost estimate of the house? Which information would you use for the detail and rough cost estimate of the construction?

Part (b):

Edhi foundation wants to construct three shelter homes in Multan, Lahore, and Islamabad. The organization bought plots of similar size and dimensions and intended to build identical multi-story buildings. All these projects went through the bidding process in their respective cities. The Edhi organization was surprised by the difference in the lowest amount of bid for the same projects in highlighted cities. As a quantity engineer, how would you justify the cost difference? Support your answers with factual data


(i)Your company signed an agreement to construct a project for the local government. The contract was challenged in the court due to the lack of compliance with the essential requirements of the agreement. Your boss is concerned and wants you to locate all the possible reasons that can cause the cancelation of the contract.

(ii) Why some of the projects are constructed based on Lump Sum and others based on the cost-plus method of payment.


Instead of open tender, your firm wants to peruse the bidding process based on the closed tender. In your opinion, what could be the reasons for this change in strategy? How would your company implement this strategy for the selection of a qualified contractor?

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Kindly provide the detailed Solutions of the Case Given Below...its type of a quantity survey.. Qustiion no 1: Part(a): Your father wants to
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