QUESTION BANK CAD 100 1. You can press the F3 key to display the AutoCAD text window, which displays the previous commands and prompts. (T/F) 2....
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QUESTION BANK CAD 100 1. You can press the F3 key to display the AutoCAD text window, which displays the previous commands and prompts. (T/F) 2. If you do not have internet connection, you cannot access the Help files. (T/F) 3. If a drawing was partially opened and saved previously, it is not possible to open it again with the same layers and views. (T/F) 4. If the current drawing is unnamed and you save the drawing for the first time, the Save tool will prompt you to enter the file name in the Save Drawing As dialog box. (T/F) 5. The ________ button is used to set the performance of the software at an acceptable level. 6. If the __________ variable is set to 1 and you invoke the New tool, the Create New Drawing dialog box will be displayed. 7. If you want to work on a drawing without altering the original drawing, you must select the __________ option from the Open drop-down list in the Select File dialog box. 8. The __________ option enables you to open only a selected view or a selected layer of the current drawing. 9. You can use the __________ command to close the current drawing file without actually quitting AutoCAD. 10. The __________ system variable can be used to change the time interval for automatic save. 11. By using the__________ button, you can find information about a command on internet. 12. You can enable or disable the functions such as AutoComplete, AutoCorrect, and so on by using the options available in the__________ dialog box. 13. The__________ button is used to toggle the display of the File tab bar which displays all opened files. 14. The __________ palette is used to share a document with the users who have Autodesk 360 account.
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15. While drawing an arc by choosing the Start, Center, Angle tool, if you enter the included angle with a negative value, an arc will be drawn in the clockwise direction. (T/F) 16. After choosing the Arc tool, if you press ENTER instead of specifying the start point, the start point and direction of the arc will be taken from the endpoint and ending direction of the previous line or the arc drawn. (T/F) 17. By using the Single Line tool, you can write more than one line of text. (T/F) 18. The start and end parameters of an elliptical arc are determined by specifying a point on the circle whose diameter is equal to the minor diameter of an ellipse. (T/F) 19. The __________ option of the Rectangle tool is used to draw a rectangle at a specified distance from the XY plane along the Z axis. 20. If the FILLMODE is set to __________, only the outlines for the new polyline will be drawn. 21. You can get a__________ polyline by entering two different values at the starting width and ending width prompts. 22. Choose the__________ tool from the Draw panel to place points at specified intervals on an object. 23. Choose the__________ tool from the Draw panel to draw as many points as you want in a single command. 24. The size of a point will be taken as a percentage of the viewport size, if you enter a__________value for the PDSIZE variable. 25. The layers that are turned off are displayed on the screen but cannot be plotted. (T/F) 26. The drawing, in which you are working, should be in the named plot style mode ( .stb ) to make the plot style available in the LAYER PROPERTIES MANAGER . (T/F)
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