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Question 1   You are reviewing a news article online that...

Question 1 

 You are reviewing a news article online that includes some questionable statistics. What strategies can you apply to ensure that the information is accurate? Select all that apply.

Question 1 options:

a.    Check to see if the article includes a paragraph that better explains the statistics

b.    Check to see how many times the article has been shared

c.    Check to see that the article is current (e.g., published in the last five years)

d.    Check to see if the statistic can be verified by a reliable second source

e.    Check the author's credentials or organizational affiliations

Question 2 

 When should you cite information? Select all that apply.

Question 2 options:

a.    When you are stating your own opinion

b.    When you are providing a direct quote

c.    When you are paraphrasing what the author said

d.    When you are stating common knowledge

e.    When you are asking a research question

Question 3 

 What is important to consider when writing a research question? Select all that apply.

Question 3 options:

a.    Relevance

b.    Candor

c.    Humor

d.    Originality

e.    Vigor

Question 4 

 What is the purpose of an annotated bibliography? Select all that apply.

Question 4 options:

a.    To formulate thoughts on how to use the information found in cited sources

b.    To draft the introduction and conclusion of an article

c.    To develop an evaluative list of citations for books, articles, and other sources

d.    To persuade an audience to take a particular action

e.    To develop research questions

Question 5 

 Acknowledging the contributions of others' efforts is an example of what? Select one.

Question 5 options:

a.    Author's' intent

b.    Logos

c.    Plagiarism

d.    Academic integrity

Question 6 

Which of the following describes a source? Select all that apply.

Question 6 options:

a.    A source refers only to an objective or factual statement.

b.    A source may refer to anything that contains information.

c.    A source should be selected before you develop your research question.

d.    A source may contain either qualitative or quantitative information, or both.

e.    A primary source is the only credible source.

Question 7 

 Which information accurately describes a literature review in a scholarly article? Select one.

Question 7 options:

a.    Peer review

b.    Primary information

c.    Tertiary information

d.    Secondary information

Question 8 

 "Who invented the first telephone?" is an example of a research question.

Question 8 options:



Question 9 

 When an author or organization holds a particular point of view or position, this is primarily an example of what? Select one.

Question 9 options:

a.    Authority

b.    Opinion

c.    Bias

d.    Intent

Question 10 

 Which test can help you to analyze your sources and determine if they are appropriate for your research? Select one.

a.    The Turing test

b.     The CRAAP test

c.    The AWARE test

d.    The IDEATE test

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