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Question 1 1pts A survey is ________ if it produces identical...

Question 1

1 pts

A survey is ________ if it produces identical results when repeated. A survey is ________ if it measures what it's intended to measure.

Group of answer choices

valid; reliable

reliable; utile

reliable; valid

valid; intentional

intentional; reliable


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Question 2

1 pts

Businesses believe they have a right to protect confidential information from competitors.

Group of answer choices




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Question 3

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Within the context of statistical analysis, the ________ is the "middle of the road" or the midpoint of a series.

Group of answer choices

common denominator






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Question 4

1 pts

Which of the following should be included in the recommendations so the audience knows how to properly respond?

Group of answer choices

Information on others who have received the data from the report

References that can be used to verify information

An indication of how the recommendations where developed in order to show their validity

The next step to take to act on the recommendations

An interpretation of facts and other information from the report


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Question 5

1 pts

Because causation can be difficult to prove, what do researchers use to understand the relationships between subsets of data?

Group of answer choices


Mean averages





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Question 6

1 pts

At the beginning of a research project, you need to

Group of answer choices

develop a formal outline you plan to stick to throughout your researching and writing.

familiarize yourself with the subject.

jump in by finding resources on the Internet and taking notes from them.

develop the conclusion you want to reach and start looking for evidence that supports that conclusion.

conduct an Internet search to determine areas to investigate.


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Question 7

1 pts

Which of the following is the midpoint of a series of numbers, with equal number of items above and below that number?

Group of answer choices







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Question 8

1 pts

Which of the following will format search requests for multiple search engines, creating a broader range of results?

Group of answer choices

Metasearch engines

Web directories


Enterprise search engines

Online databases


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Question 9

1 pts

Which of the following is the first step in an efficient, effective research process?

Group of answer choices

Understand the subject to develop insightful questions

Search for areas with critical gaps in data

Conduct a general online search and redefine it after reviewing results

Use a variety of search terms

Enter keywords into a search engine to search corporate sites


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Question 10

1 pts

Which of the following is an ethical lapse when handling sources?

Group of answer choices

Respecting the privacy of research participants

Documenting sources and giving appropriate credit

Respecting intellectual and digital property rights

Extracting more from sources than they actually provide

Specifically stating the intended use of research results

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