Can someone help me write a letter in response to one of the...

Can someone help me write a letter in response to one of the scenarios in the attached file. Focus on assessment at the last page.

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COMN 220 Business Correspondence Assignment (5%) Due: Week 8 (see D2L News for speciFc submission deadline) Write a leTer in response to one of the scenarios below. ±o ensure your leTer is appropriate for your audience, write a brief PAIBOC analysis to include in your submission: Purpose: What is your purpose for wri²ng this leTer? Audience: What characteris²cs of your audience are relevant to this message? Informaton: What informa²on must be included? Is there any informa²on you may not wish to men²on in the leTer? BeneFTs: What reasons or reader beneFts can you use to support your posi²on? Objectons: If you expect your reader to have any objec²ons to the message, how will you address these? What nega²ve elements should you de-emphasize or overcome? ConTexT: How will the overall context of the situa²on a³ect the reader’s response? Consider your rela²onship to the reader, the channel, what has happened up to this point in the communica²on, the ²me of year, or any other special circumstances that may be relevant. Scenario #1: CrediT Refusal aT HealThyBody ±iTness Club As manager of HealthyBody ´itness Club in Calgary, you must refuse the applica²on of Monica Carlson for an Extended Membership. ±his refusal is strictly a business decision. You liked Monica very much when she applied, and she seems genuinely interested in Ftness and a healthful lifestyle. However, your Extended Membership plan qualiFes the member for all your tes²ng, exercise, recrea²on, yoga, and aerobics programs. ±his mul²- service program is expensive for the club to maintain because of the huge sta³ required. Applicants must have a solid credit ra²ng to join. ±o your disappointment, you learned that Monica’s credit ra²ng is decidedly nega²ve. Her credit report indicates that she is delinquent in payments to four businesses, including Pros Athle²c Club, your principal compe²tor. You do have other programs, including your Drop In and Work Out plan, which o³ers the use of available facili²es on a cash basis. ±his plan enables a member to reserve space on the racquetball and handball courts. ±he member can also sign up for yoga and exercise classes, space permiµng. Because Monica is far in debt, you would feel guilty allowing her to plunge in any more deeply. Scenario #2: Smoking Surcharge for HoTel GuesTs
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