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answer all the word in terms of English and computer since GLOSSARY...

answer all the word in terms of English and computer since

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GLOSSARY OF WORDS – Internet of Things Add informaton in The righT column To show ThaT you undersTand The meaning of These words. Word Meaning Example senTence 1 InTerneT of ±hings 2 ConnecTed devices 3 InTer-neTworking 4 SmarT devices 5 Embedded 6 Informaton socieTy 7 RemoTely 8 InTegraton 9 AcTuaTors 10 ConnectviTy 11 SmarT grids 12 AugmenTed 13 proTocols 14 M2M 15 InTelligenT TransporTaton 16 InfrasTrucTure 17 AuTomaton 18 Predictve analytcs 19 IIo± 20 Cyber-physical sysTem Now add some words of your own 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30
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