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3" MP5 [~/IdeaProjects/MP5xinhuic2] .lsrc/main/java/DNAljava [MP5_main] is; eeradewsv' > as e IVvlabam I MP5-xlnhulc2> I src) I: maln) I java...

please help me finish last part in this assignment(DNA.Java), I also uploaded the test case below and the format in picture.

please use the software intelij

  • I copy the assignment link below:

import java.util.ArrayList;

import java.util.Collections;

import java.util.Arrays;

import java.util.List;

import org.testng.annotations.Test;

import junit.framework.Assert;


 * Test suite for the DNA class.

 * <p>

 * The provided test suite is correct and complete. You should not need to modify it. However, you

 * should understand it.


 * @see < a href=" ">MP5 Documentation</ a>


public class DNATest {

  /** Timeout for DNA tests. Solution takes 713 ms.*/

  private static final int DNA_TEST_TIMEOUT = 7130;


   * Test longest common subsequence.


  @Test(timeOut = DNA_TEST_TIMEOUT)

  public void testLongestCommonSubsequence() {

    for (DNATestResult testResult : PRECOMPUTED_DNA_TEST_RESULTS) {

      String lcs = DNA.getLongestCommonSubsequence(testResult.firstSequence,






   * Class for storing trees and pre-computed results for the DNA tests.


  public static class DNATestResult {

    /** First DNA sequence to compare. */

    DNA firstSequence;

    /** Second DNA sequence to compare. */

    DNA secondSequence;

    /** Result of the comparison. */

    List<String> longestCommonSubsequences;


     * Create a new input for the DNA tests.


     * @param setFirstSequence first DNA sequence to compare

     * @param setSecondSequence second DNA sequence to compare

     * @param setLongestCommonSubsequences result of the comparison


    public DNATestResult(final DNA setFirstSequence, final DNA setSecondSequence,

        final List<String> setLongestCommonSubsequences) {

      firstSequence = setFirstSequence;

      secondSequence = setSecondSequence;

      longestCommonSubsequences = setLongestCommonSubsequences;



  /** Pre-computed DNA results to use for testing. */

  private static final List<DNATestResult> PRECOMPUTED_DNA_TEST_RESULTS = //

      new ArrayList<>();

  static {


        new DNA("ACTG"), new DNA("ACTG"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("ACTG"), new DNA("AACCTTGG"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("AACC"), new DNA("TTGG"), Collections.singletonList(





        new DNA("gtcGCATtGCA"),

        new DNA("ActTtCGCt"), Arrays.asList(







        new DNA("gAAaTaCAAaAaAAt"),

        new DNA("aCcT"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("aCCGTAaCt"),

        new DNA("AAaG"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("agTCTccgTTCT"),

        new DNA("AGCcccG"), Arrays.asList(





        new DNA("aCCTtccaatT"),

        new DNA("AaGCagaCtt"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("GTGtaaTCtt"),

        new DNA("TcTcACct"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("GtcCGCC"),

        new DNA("cTgTaC"), Arrays.asList(






        new DNA("AtattcGaT"),

        new DNA("cGaGTaagcAgt"), Arrays.asList(






        new DNA("GCTgGTAgtGaAGc"),

        new DNA("TCATgccATaA"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("CCTTcCGGatGtTT"),

        new DNA("AGctAcACA"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("GCgcTaTcttcg"),

        new DNA("cGCTAGCTAaTGGAGA"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("cCGaCGgGTg"),

        new DNA("ggCTG"), Arrays.asList(





        new DNA("aTtAcgtcaGCAg"),

        new DNA("GaaGaacGgTaTGgac"), Arrays.asList(






        new DNA("gTgCagcTctgGtc"),

        new DNA("GACTtCaTtgCcTAcG"), Arrays.asList(








        new DNA("tGaAagctGg"),

        new DNA("TGTagTT"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("aTtATG"),

        new DNA("TcGcaTgT"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("taCA"),

        new DNA("CttataTcCcGGGcC"), Arrays.asList(





        new DNA("ccCAG"),

        new DNA("CGtTAta"), Arrays.asList(





        new DNA("AaGtCGTcC"),

        new DNA("gTAatcgGcaCA"), Collections.singletonList(




        new DNA("AtGCtCaATGTTgGtg"),

        new DNA("CGGGCattACcCA"), Arrays.asList(












  • }

3“ MP5 [~/IdeaProjects/MP5—xinhuic2] — ...lsrc/main/java/DNAljava [MP5_main] is; eeradewsv‘ &gt; as e IVvlabéam I MP5-xlnhulc2&gt; I src) I: maln) I java &gt; . DNA) E Project v 0 1 cu r~ . DNA.iava x %
V IgMPS-xinhuiCZ [MP5] ~/ldeaPro 1 'JS/aek I i
y I,gradle 2 * A class that represents a DNA sequence. g:
&gt; I .idea 3 * &lt;p&gt; E
. 4 &gt;1: Internally the class represents DNA as a string. You are responsible for implementing the longest
2 ’ - build 5 a: common subsequeage method and a straightforward constructor. G
= V Iconfig 6 * &lt;p&gt; o
E y - docs 7 * The DNA class does not need to provide a setter for the sequence, meaning that it can be allowed 3
”I 8 * to not change after the instance is created. As a result, it should not provide an empty 5
-- &gt; Igradle
&quot;' 9 * constructor.
S: &gt; Iout 10 * m
V Isrc 11 a: @see &lt;a href=&quot;https://L';&gt;MP5 Documentation&lt;la&gt; g
v Ilmain 12 t: */ %
V Ijava 3 public class WA { g
. DNA 15 /** Sequence of base pairs for this DNA instance. */ E
. SingIeLL 16 private String sequence; :0
Tree 17
It t. 18 lacs
7 I es. 19 * Gets the sequence of base pairs for this DNA instance.
V Ijava 20 a:
* @return the sequence of base pairs for this DNA instance
‘SingleLLTest 22 E */ .
23 + ublic Strin etSe uence return 5 uence-
.TreeTest 26 P 9 9 q () { eq . }
fl .gitignore 27 '7 In:
(5) build.gradle 28 * Create a new DNA instance from the given sequence of base pairs.
. . 29 * &lt;p&gt;
1‘ emall'tXt . 3e * The constructor should validate and normalize its inputs. All characters in the string should
[I'llgradlepropertles 31 * be from the set A, T, C, and 6 (this in DNA, not RNA). You should accept lower—case inputs
fl gradlew 32 * but convert them to upper—case for the purposes of later comparison.
i gradlewbat 33 * m ts th f b ' t ' ‘t‘ 1' th ' t 'th
Gsettingsgradle g: ,7 :/ ram se equence e sequence a ase pairs 0 ini ia ize e ins ance m.
V lllll External Libraries 36 public meinal String setSequence) { sequence = setSequence.toUpperCase(): }
39 , /**
40 * Return the longest common W of the two provided DNA sequences.
41 * &lt;p&gt;
42 * Mrs»: firstSequence the first DNA sequence to compare I
43 * when secondSequence - the second DNA sequence to compare
44 a: greturn the longest common W between the two provided DNA sequences
45 :_ */
:93 46 public static DNA getLongestCommoan/geglggfiinal WA firstSequence,
g 47 ’3 final ILNA secondSequence) {
3 48 i
(GI 49 return firstSequence;
* DNA &gt; sequence
Q g: TODO v 2: Version Control 9; Checkstyle Terminal !| 9: Messages . Evem Log
Push successful: Pushed1commit to origin/master (today 12:13 AM) 15:35 LF: UTF-8: Gitzmaster: ’iz g

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