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Soctlon 1: Projoct Introduction Can you design, implement, and start using your very own database, all In one course term?

Please provide a comprehensive solution for this final project. I need an expert who is proficient with database, including use cases, ERD, SQL,etc. Snip20180405_7.pngSnip20180405_6.pngSnip20180405_5.pngSnip20180405_4.pngSnip20180405_3.pngSnip20180405_2.pngSnip20180405_1.png


Soctlon 1: Projoct Introduction Can you design, implement, and start using your very own database, all In one course term? You can,
even ifyou have never touched a database in your lifel The theoretical concepts and applied skills you
learn throughout the course prepare you well for this task, and have been carefully crafted and
sequenced for rapid learning. Further, the teaching team stands ready to help fill any gaps, so you are
not dependent on the course materials alone. You will undoubtedly put in many hours of hard work on
this project, but you will leave the course with your own database, and more importantly, the skills to
build other ones. The start-to-finish experience you gain from this project will help prepare you for database work in the
industry or academia. If your boss asks you to deyelop a database, you’ll know how and have the
experience to back up your confidence. If you decide to pursue database research, you‘ll have a solid foundation. Take this project to heart. It will pay offl The remainder of this document provides you important details. Specifically, the next two subsections of
this document. "Introduction to Selling on Amazon", and "Use Cases”, are a specification describing the
core data, requirements, and use cases for selling on Amazon. These describe what you will becapturing
in your database. Read through this document carefully, and ask the teaching team if something is
unclear. You will be spending a lot of time designing, implementing, and testing a database based off of
this specification. Introduction to Selling on Amazon Are there any online marketplaces more reputable than Amazon? Probably not. Why not? For one,
Amazon has successfully made useof many unique innovations. For another, Amazon has significantly
systematized the selling process, structuring a generalized marketplace which virtually any seller can
plug into without much difficulty. And foryet another, Amazon has become so large that it can negotiate
discounts with international organizations, including significant shipping cost discounts. Simply speaking,
other online marketplaces do not compete at this level. Amazon’s online marketplace is exceptional. Amazon’s success notwithstanding, sellers on Amazon still need to manage, pack, and ship their own
products, and provide their own customer seryice, right? Wrong. One of Amazon’s innovations is
Amazon fulfillment: Amazon handles the inyentory, orders, shipping returns, and customer service on
behalf of the seller. To plug in to the marketplace, the seller only need deliver the products to one of
Amazon’s warehouses. Amazon takes over from there. Essentially, with Amazon’s marketplace, the roles
change — sellers become suppliers, and Amazon becomes the seller. This process looks as follows.


The process makes room forother innovations, perhaps the most effective being rapid and free shipping
for Amazon Prime buyers, for any of the selle r's products. Indivlrhal sellers do not have the clout to
make this possin by negotiatirg shipping discounts and arranging special shipping processes with national and intemational shipphg companies, and they do not need to, because Amazon does so on
their behalf. Buyers prize this option, making the seller's products more attractive. Why wait a week or more to receive whatyou have purchasedan you can receive it in twodays? And this is made even
better by the fact that you can purchase virtually any kind of promct. The relationship between Amazon andsellers issyne rgistk. Amazon cannot produce the wide variety of
products created by sellers worlduvfle, yet has a superior online marketplace to sell these promcts
effectively. Sellers cannot inrlvidualiy provide such an effective online market place, but can provide the
products. Both benefit and profit from this relationship. Duties
Belowareaserlesof usecases that help describe the operations yourdatabase supports. meroducr Lire fuse -This occurs whena seller plans to sell a product it Ms not sold before. 1. The seller searches Amazon’s product list to determine if another seller is already selling the product. 2. if a different seller is alreadyselling the product, a new listing is not reoiired; the seller re-uses the
same listing. 3. if the product is not yet sold on Amazon, a new listing is created with the product's name, description,
prize, and other relnant items. Every product added is lkiked toa promct category [all categories are predefined by Amazoni,i‘ore1rample, 'Eoinputers', ”Electronics”, I'Appliar'lces“, and similar. Hoductfleflrery Use {cue-This occurswhenasellersends one or more unitsoi‘a product toAmazonso
that they can besold. 1. The seller ships one or more writs of a product to Amazon’s ware house, along with information that
indicates to Amazon what the product is, how many unls there are, and the conrltion [new, used, etc .4.
2. After Amazon receives the product[si, it Lezdates the seller's inventory so that customers can purchase the prorkvct. New Eustomer Account Lire fuse -This occurs whena customersigns upforanaccount on Amazon, so they can begin purchasing products.
1. The customer provides Amazon with basic infonnatlon inclurlng a username, an address, phone number, and an email address.
2. Amazon creates an accourc for the customer, enabling the customerto purchase products. Pqeicrl!


HoductFurcAose Use Case -Thls occurs whenacustomerpurchasesa product from Amazon that was
provlded lav a seller.
1. The user logs In to Amazon under thelraocount. I. A customerselects one or more products on Amazon’s wehslte. When selectlng a product, the
customer ls actuallvselectlng a partlcular seller’s Inventory whlle dolng so. though thev mlght not real Ize thls because the process ls seamless on Amazon’s wehslte. 3. The customerselects a shlpplng speed {su per saver shlpplng. standard shlpplng. ovodav. onodavl
and flnallzes thelrcholces. 4. Amazon decrements the seller Inventory for the products purchased. 5. Amazon creates an order whlch tracks whlch customer purchased whlch products from whlch sellers. HoductEnr'pment Use Eoce—Thls oocurs when Amazon shlps the productsa customer purchased. 1. Amazon packages up the purchased products. and asslgns an ldentlfler to package sothat It can be
tracked. 1. Amazon llnks the package to the customer’s order.
3. Amazon shlps the package to the default address llnked to the customer's acoou nt. 4. Amazon notlfles the customer that It has been shlpped and provldes the customervlrlth the tracklng


Sootlon 2: Projoot Brooltdown Wohdorirg onttly what tontont to put into you projott? Do not worry. This sottiondostribos what you
nood to know. Ml lush“: Imus
Struttural businoos nits uplrort holp guito tho dosign throughout tho rost otyour sott ions. An otamplo otthis typo ot‘businoss ruh htt rolatodtoAmaton is "A tar may bo driyonby many driyors; oath driyor
driyos ono or moro tars.’ Eath businoss rulo should dostribo tho ontitios inyolyod, tho rotationship botwoon tho ontitios, and tho optionality and plurality tonstraints tor oath ontity. motto-mm Tho uso tasos dostribod in Sottion 1 drho what tabhs, storod protodiros, and ouorios aro noodod for
your thtabaso. Thoro aro fiyo aspotts ol‘ yourdatabaso you will doyolop basod uponthoso uso tasos, and oath aspott is basod ona singlo uso tato. Eath aspott rooiiros tablos. a storod protoduro, and a uson
for full im plomo ntation. Tho storod protoduro t‘or oath aspott shoiid bo rousablo throuh uso of
paramoto rs. For oJramplo, tho storod protodiro t‘or Aspott 1 should uso at loast tow para motors tor tho
following olomonts — produtt namo, prorlrtt dostription, produtt prito, and produtt tatogory. Tho
ouory t‘or oath aspott shouil bo ono singlo torory that rot rioyos protisoly tho rotprostod information. A
tomploto sthoma dosign and implomontation addrootos thoso aspotts. 'l'otr tutobmo's touts, stored Fflfltfllfi, trod out-ribs only ntod oiflross most ttspttts. it is not possiblo
to attompt a full produtt hn—tapablo databaso tor a largo ontorpriso suth as Amaton in tho timo poriod
aHordod by this tourso; suth a databaso would hayo thousands of tablos. Llso tho information proyidod
in Sottion 1 as a battcdrop, thontotus your dosign on thoso t‘iyo aspotts, whithsupport tho primary and most indisponsablo aroas of tho Amaton’s onlino marliot plato. Do not intludo sotonthry substhomas t‘or
aroas of tho Amaton’s martotphto that may bo im portant. but aro not part of Is toro businoss, suth as trodit tard and paymont protossing, t‘ull-t‘oat urod addroot managomort, maritoting, attounting, human
rotations, and tho lilio; thoso woiid unnotossarly bloat tho sito of you projott and aro ntt noodod to domomtrato your mastory of tourso tontont. Do not touorothor businossts supportod by Amazon, suth
as Amaton Wob Son-ltos, Amaton‘ltidoo, and Amaton Muslt. Agonoral guldolino is that to oH'ottiyoly troato tho dosignt‘or this tourso, you would hayo botwoon I and 2D tablos. This numbor is not oitatt and
yarios attording to yours potil'it in phmo ntation. To holp proyo that your ouorios work, your tablos hood to bo populatod with apt data. In partitular, all
ouorios rotuirod by tho t‘iyo aspotts shoiid roturn rosuits. Firtho r, tho rosilts rotumod should malto
manil‘ost tho nuantos ol‘ tho mory. For ifll‘l‘lplfl, il‘ a ouory solotts only rosuits matthing a tondition. thoro should bo somo undorlying data that moots tho ton-rltion, and othor data that doos ntt moot tho
tondition. Althougha prorlsttion systom may woll hayo thousands or millions or rtws, it is imprattital for you to atto mpt suth yoliono. Eath tablo only hoods a small nunborot‘ rows with onoiqhyarioty to
holp proyo out tho ouorios; you tan uso 1t) rows as a rough guldolino.


Aspect .1: New Products -Thls aspect ls based upon the New Product Use Case In Sectlon 1.
a. Create the tables, oonstralnts, and data needed to support new products as described In the use case.
b. Deyelop a parameterleed stored procedure that Is used when a seller needs to add any new product.
c. Aseller adds two new products. The flrst Isafloatlng lamp whlchfloatsln alr ratherthan restlng on a base. The second Is a th rowable camera that allows a photograp her to throw the camera
Into the alrand talte plctu res In fllght. lmolte the stored prooedure twloe to add these products. heeplng In mlnd that products haye at a mlnlmum a name, descnptlon, prlce. and category.
d. A seller ls conslderlng deyelopl n; a new electronlc product, and requests a llst of etlstlng products In the "Comp uters' or "Electronlcs' categones that cost $25 or less. Elle-.elop and
execute a slngle query that proyldes thls lnbrmatlon. Aspect 1: Fmd'uctfletruery -Thls aspect ls based upon the Product Dellyery Use Case In Sectlon 1.
a. Create the tables* constralntsy and data needed to support product dellyery as descrlbed In the use case.
b. Deyelop a parameterleed stored procedure that Is used when any sellerdellyers any product to Amaeon’s warehouse.
c. A seller dellyers ten each ofthe two new products added In Aspect 1 {the floatlng lamp and throwable came ral. lnyolte the stored prooedure twlce to update the Inventory of these
products for a sellerof your chooslng. d. The sellerfrom b aboye requests a llstlng of all of Its products that haye an Inyentoryof 11 or
less. Dnelop and exec ute a slngle query that proyldes thls lntormatlon {the floatlng lamp and throwable camera should be among those llstedl. Aspect 3: New Cmtomerflccounts - Thls aspect Is based upon the New Customer Aocount Use Case In
Sectlon 1. a. Create the tables, constralnts, and data needed to support customer aocou nts as descrlbed In
the use case. b. Deyelop a parameterleed stored procedure that Is used when any new customerslgns up fora
new aocount on Amaton. c. People named CarterChannlng and Delarny Emerson slgn up for new aocounts on Amazon.
Inyolte the stored procedure twlce to add these customers. d. For research purposes, Amazon requests the last names of customers where there are least 3
acoounts assoclated wlth the last name. Amaton would Illte tosee the actual numberof
acoounts assoclated wlth those last names. Deyelop and exec ute a slngle query that proyldes
thls Informatlon.


Aspect-l: Fmdthwchcues-This aspect is based uponthe Frodsct Puchase UseEase inspection 1.
a. Create the tables, constraints, and data needed to support product purchases as described is the use case.
b. Deyelopa parameterieed stored procedure that is used whenany customer purchases any product.
c. carter [from Aspect 3:: purchases twofloating lamps [from Aspect 1:, and Delaney purchases one tiuowable camera. Imolre the stored procedsre twice, once for each purchase.
d. The marketing department at Amaeon wants to reach or: to customers who buy popular products. The department requesls the names and addresses of all customers who bought any
product that was purchased by at least four people. Deyelopand emcute a single query that provides this information. Aspect 5: PmductShpment- This asth is based upon the Product Shipment Lise Ease in Section 1. a. Create the tables, constraints, and data needed to support product shipments as described in
the use case. b. Developa parameteriaed stored procedure that is used whenrllmaaon ships any order.
c. Amaaon ships the orders listed in inspect at, one toEarter andthe otherto Delaney. Iwolre the stored procedure twice, once for eachorde r.
d. Here you define you own query. Define a request for information forthis aspect that is implemented with eitheraggregation or with a subquery. Thendeyelop and eucute a singh
query that proyides this information. mini-hum Diem You will create a conceptual and logical Entity-lie lationship diagram [E iiDsifor this chtabase. Tour logical
EitD will be mappedtoa relationaldatabase schema throughthe use ofSDL. The schema should contain
tables, primary and foreign keys, and an index. The primary and foreign keys will help enforce the relationshps indicated inthe logical EilD, and helpenforce referential integrity. Tote tables should be
normalizedto HEMP, or accompanied witha juttificathn as to why the table was not nomialiaed to
EEHF. hdesr
Ereateandjustify an indesthat is beneficialtoat least one query in you implementation. Include scree nthots illustrating the creat hn of the indent, along with an explanation as to whythe index is
benefichl [be specific}.


Seotlon 3: Project Eu mmary
Thls sectlon wraps up what was descrlped to help summarlse what should he Included wlth your project,
and how your project wlll he eyaluated. Ddiuufltlas
‘r'ourflnal project supmlsslon wlll Include twofllesna Word document and aslp flle.The oontents of
each are enplalned below. Wood Doctotrent Contents
‘rourWord document should contaln:
a. yourst ructural huslness rules. Is. your oonoeptual EFID or EEFlD.
c. your loglcal EFlD or EEFlD. d. scree nshotsot the SQL addresslng the flye aspects {malte sure to Include screenshots of the query
or stored prooedure creatlon as well as the results of emecutlonl. e. a screertshot Illustratlng the creatlon ofthe Index, along wlth an enplanatlon as towhythe Indetr ls
peneflclal {he speclflcl. The Word document does not need to Include screenshots of other SELL, such as your table creatlon and
data Inserts; unless you want toclarlfy somethlng. All of your SQL wlll he Included In the Ilp flle, so your Irtstructor orfacllltatorcan referto these scrlpts for addltlonal detalls. Keep r'n ntrnd'tnot |port of the term
protect grade r's erosiosrtr'on, so make sure to use sectr'ons and headers to .lreep the document organised; and to r'no‘ode expronotr'ons of ony ospects of yoorpmject tnot worront n: op File Contents
‘r'ourzlp flle wlll contaln SflLscrlpts that enahle your Instructor orfacllltator to recreate your schema and execute your use case querles agalnst the schema. A SCthcrlpt ls nothlng more than a tent flle that
has a "sql' extenslon In the fllename. The followlng three scrlpts should he Included, and you may Include addltlonal scrlpts If It maltes sense for your Implementatlon. ‘r'our slp flle should contaln:
a. your "create' scrlpt whlch contalns the SQL DDL tocreate the tables, constralnts, and stored procedures. Is. your "Insert' scrlpt whlch Inserts data Into the tables. c. your "aspect' scrlpt whlch oontalns the querles and stored prooedure Inyocatlons for each of the 5

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