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Channel Selection: Communicating IAS Principles All communication...

Channel Selection: Communicating IAS Principles

All communication channels are not created equal! Certain types of communications are more formal than others, yet others are informal enough to utilize communication channels like texting.

Scenario: The overarching goal of the Information Assurance and Security organization is to protect the company's electronic, physical, intangible, and people assets. You are the IAS analyst for XYZ company and have been tasked to develop and communicate a "defense-in-depth" strategy using various channels. A "defense-in-depth" strategy, according to Wikipedia, can be defined as "multiple layers of security controls (defense)" that are embedded throughout the information technology environment.

Conduct research using the Capella library and identify at least one academic and one non-academic source on the methods of security controls. 

Using Figure 2.5, "Comparing Rich and Lean Communication Channels" (page 43 in Essentials of Business Communications), summary evaluating each type of the communication channel and the corresponding "defense-in-depth" security control method. For each channel, answer the following questions

  • Explain the method of security control and the selected channel.
  • What are the advantages for the selected channel and method?
  • What are the disadvantages for the selected channel and method?

If applicable, provide in-text citations and references.

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