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Book.csv file "Dragon Magic","Norton, Andre" "Steel Magic","Norton, Andre"

"Atlantis Endgame","Norton, Andre & Smith, Sherwood"

"Silver May Tarnish","Norton, Andre & McConchie, Lyn"

"Knight or Knave","Norton, Andre & Miller, Sasha"

"Ciara's Song","Norton, Andre & McConchie, Lyn"

"Wraiths of Time","Norton, Andre"

"Storms of Victory","Norton, Andre & Griffin, Pauline M."

"Wind in the Stone","Norton, Andre"

"Janus (omnibus)","Norton, Andre"

"Mirror of Destiny","Norton, Andre"

"Elvenbane,"Norton, Andre & Lackey, Mercedes"

"Mark of the Cat, The","Norton, Andre"

"Merlin's Mirror","Norton, Andre"

"Crystal Gryphon, The","Norton, Andre"

"Sargasso of Space","Norton, Andre"

"Moon Mirror","Norton, Andre"

"Year of the Unicorn","Norton, Andre"

"Jargoon Pard, The","Norton, Andre"

"Key of the Keplian, The","Norton, Andre & McConchie, Lyn"

"Lavender-Green Magic","Norton, Andre"

"Plague Ship","Norton, Andre"

"Star Ka'at World","Norton, Andre & Madlee, Dorothy"

"Crossroads of Time, The","Norton, Andre"

"Space Pioneers","Norton, Andre"

"Yurth burden","Norton, Andre"

"Dare to Go A-Hunting","Norton, Andre"

"Songsmith,"Norton, Andre & Crispin, A.C."

"Horn Crown","Norton, Andre"

"Dragon Blade","Norton, Andre & Miller, Sasha"

"Spell of the Witch World","Norton, Andre"

"Search for the Star Stones","Norton, Andre"

"Game of Stars and Comets, The","Norton, Andre"

"Beast Master","Norton, Andre"

"Ralestone Luck","Norton, Andre"

"Sorceress Of The Witch World","Norton, Andre"

"Flight of Vengeance","Norton, Andre & Griffin, Pauline M. & Schaub, Mary H."

"Witch World","Norton, Andre"

"Uncharted Stars","Norton, Andre"

"Rebel Spurs","Norton, Andre"

"Gryphon's Eyrie","Norton, Andre & Crispin, A.C."

"Lore of the Witch World","Norton, Andre"

"Red Hart Magic","Norton, Andre"

"Forerunner Foray","Norton, Andre"

"Victory on Janus","Norton, Andre"

"Night of Masks","Norton, Andre"

"Star Flight (omnibus)","Norton, Andre"

"Galactic Derelict","Norton, Andre"

"Lord Of Thunder","Norton, Andre"

"Beast Master's Ark","Norton, Andre & McConchie, Lyn"

"Leopard in Exile","Norton, Andre & Edghill, Rosemary"

"Gryphon in Glory","Norton, Andre"

"Derelict For Trade","Norton, Andre & Smith, Sherwood"

"Beast Master's Circus","Norton, Andre & McConchie, Lyn"

"Mind For Trade, A","Norton, Andre & Smith, Sherwood"

"Operation Time Search","Norton, Andre"

"X Factor, The","Norton, Andre"

"To The King A Daughter","Norton, Andre & Miller, Sasha"

"Defiant Agents, The","Norton, Andre"

"Catfantastic II","Norton, Andre & Greenberg, Martin H."

"Three Against The Witch World","Norton, Andre"

"Ice Crown","Norton, Andre"

"Dread Companion","Norton, Andre"

"Dark Piper","Norton, Andre"

"Fur Magic","Norton, Andre"

"Elvenblood,"Norton, Andre & Lackey, Mercedes"

"Stars are Ours, The","Norton, Andre"

"Shadow of Albion, The","Norton, Andre & Edghill, Rosemary"

"Flight in Yiktor","Norton, Andre"

"Star Hunter","Norton, Andre"

"Octagon Magic","Norton, Andre"

"Web of the Witch World","Norton, Andre"

"Firehand,"Norton, Andre & Griffin, Pauline M."

"Gods and Androids","Norton, Andre"

"Zarsthor's Bane","Norton, Andre"

"Magestone, The","Norton, Andre & Schaub, Mary H."

"House of Shadows","Norton, Andre & Miller, Phyllis"

"Beast Master's Quest","Norton, Andre & McConchie, Lyn"

"Key Out of Time","Norton, Andre"

"Warding of Witch World, The","Norton, Andre"

"Voodoo Planet","Norton, Andre"

"Time Traders II","Norton, Andre"

"Huon of the Horn","Norton, Andre"

"Trey of Swords","Norton, Andre"

"Ware Hawk","Norton, Andre"

"Opal-Eyed Fan, The","Norton, Andre"

"Zero Stone, The","Norton, Andre"

"Exiles of the Stars","Norton, Andre"

"Echoes In Time","Norton, Andre & Smith, Sherwood"

"No Night Without Stars","Norton, Andre"

"On Wings of Magic","Norton, Andre & Matthews, Patricia & Miller, Sasha"

"Star Born","Norton, Andre"

"Postmarked the Stars","Norton, Andre"

"Star Ka'at","Norton, Andre & Madlee, Dorothy"

"Redline the Stars","Norton, Andre & Griffin, Pauline M."

"Crosstime,"Norton, Andre"

"Cat's Eye","Norton, Andre"

"Moon of Three Rings","Norton, Andre"

"Elvenborn,"Norton, Andre & Lackey, Mercedes"

"Gate of the Cat, The","Norton, Andre"

"Duke's Ballad, The","Norton, Andre & McConchie, Lyn"

"Star Soldiers","Norton, Andre"

"Quest Crosstime","Norton, Andre"

"Hands of Lyr, The","Norton, Andre"

"Crown Disowned, A","Norton, Andre & Miller, Sasha"

"From The Sea To The Stars","Norton, Andre"

"People of the Crater, The","Norton, Andre"

"Warlock (omnibus)","Norton, Andre"

"Secret of the Lost Race","Norton, Andre"

"Warlock Of The Witch World","Norton, Andre"

"Star Ka'at's and the Plant People","Norton, Andre & Madlee, Dorothy"

"Storm Over Warlock","Norton, Andre"

"Breed To Come","Norton, Andre"

"Three Hands for Scorpio","Norton, Andre"

"Sneeze on Sunday","Norton, Andre & Hogarth, Grace Allen"

"Quag Keep","Norton, Andre"

"Brother To Shadows","Norton, Andre"

"Here Abide Monsters","Norton, Andre"

"Golden Trillium","Norton, Andre"

"Dark Companion (omnibus)","Norton, Andre"

"Sioux Spaceman, The","Norton, Andre"

"Ordeal in Otherwhere","Norton, Andre"

"Darkness & Dawn (omnibus)","Norton, Andre"

"Seven Spells to Sunday","Norton, Andre & Miller, Phyllis"

"Daybreak 2250 AD (Star Man's Son)","Norton, Andre"

"Sea Siege","Norton, Andre"

"Judgment on Janus","Norton, Andre"

"Stargate,"Norton, Andre"

"Elvenbane,"Norton, Andre & Lackey, Mercedes"

"Space Service","Norton, Andre"

"Space Police","Norton, Andre"

"Circle Game","Atwood, Margaret"

"Moral Disorder","Atwood, Margaret"

"Murder in the Dark","Atwood, Margaret"

"MaddAddam,"Atwood, Margaret"

"Bodily Harm","Atwood, Margaret"

"Bluebeard's Egg","Atwood, Margaret"

"Tent, The","Atwood, Margaret"

"I Dream of Zenia With the Bright Red Teeth","Atwood, Margaret"

"MaddAddam Trilogy, The","Atwood, Margaret"

"Year of the Flood, The","Atwood, Margaret"

"Penelopiad, The","Atwood, Margaret"

"Alias Grace","Atwood, Margaret"

"Lady Oracle","Atwood, Margaret"

"Robber Bride, The","Atwood, Margaret"

"Oryx and Crake","Atwood, Margaret"

"Good Bones","Atwood, Margaret"

"Blind Assassin, The","Atwood, Margaret"

"Payback: Debt and the Shadow Side of Success","Atwood, Margaret"

"Dancing Girls and Other Stories","Atwood, Margaret"

"Life Before Man","Atwood, Margaret"

"Handmaid's Tale, The","Atwood, Margaret"

"Surfacing,"Atwood, Margaret"

"Edible Woman, The","Atwood, Margaret"

"Cat's Eye","Atwood, Margaret"

"Politician,"Anthony, Piers"

"With a Tangled Skein","Anthony, Piers"

"Neq the Sword","Anthony, Piers"

"Executive,"Anthony, Piers"

"Juxtaposition,"Anthony, Piers"

"Var the Stick","Anthony, Piers"

"On A Pale Horse","Anthony, Piers"

"Blue Adept","Anthony, Piers"

"Refugee,"Anthony, Piers"

"Wielding a Red Sword","Anthony, Piers"

"Mercenary,"Anthony, Piers"

"Iron Maiden, The","Anthony, Piers"

"Phaze Doubt","Anthony, Piers"

"Unicorn Point","Anthony, Piers"

"Being A Green Mother","Anthony, Piers"

"Caterpillar's Question, The","Anthony, Piers & Farmer, Philip Jose"

"And Eternity","Anthony, Piers"

"For Love of Evil","Anthony, Piers"

"SOS the Rope","Anthony, Piers"

"Bearing an Hourglass","Anthony, Piers"

"Under A Velvet Cloak","Anthony, Piers"

"Statesman,"Anthony, Piers"

"Out of Phaze","Anthony, Piers"

"Split Infinity","Anthony, Piers"

"Robot Adept","Anthony, Piers"

"Foundation and Empire","Asimov, Isaac"

"Prelude to Foundation","Asimov, Isaac"

"Foundation's Edge","Asimov, Isaac"

"Forward the Foundation","Asimov, Isaac"

"Foundation,"Asimov, Isaac"

"Foundation and Earth","Asimov, Isaac"

"Second Foundation","Asimov, Isaac"

"Wittgenstein's Nephew","Bernhard, Thomas"

"Extinction,"Bernhard, Thomas"

"Correction,"Bernhard, Thomas"

"Lime Works, The","Bernhard, Thomas"

"Frost,"Bernhard, Thomas"

"Concrete,"Bernhard, Thomas"

"Woodcutters,"Bernhard, Thomas"

"Loser, The","Bernhard, Thomas"

"Long Ships, The","Bengtsson, Frans G."

"Road to Wellville, The","Boyle, T.C."

"Heaven's Reach","Brin, David"

"Startide Rising","Brin, David"

"Infinity's Shore","Brin, David"

"Sundiver,"Brin, David"

"Uplift War, The","Brin, David"

"Postman, The","Brin, David"

"Brightness Reef","Brin, David"

"Complete Chalion, The","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Beguilement,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Passage,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Ethan of Athos","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Weatherman,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Borders of Infinity (3-novella collection)","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Labyrinth,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Komarr,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Mountains of Mourning, The","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Winterfair Gifts","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Captain Vorpatril's Alliance","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Civil Campaign, A","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Horizon,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Mirror Dance","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Memory,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Borders of Infinity, The","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Brothers in Arms","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Cetaganda,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Proto Zoa","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Shards of Honor","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Falling Free","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Barrayar,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Spirit Ring, The","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Cryoburn,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Diplomatic Immunity","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Legacy,"Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Warrior's Apprentice, The","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Vor Game, The","Bujold, Lois McMaster"

"Mildred Pierce","Cain, James M."

"Postman Always Rings Twice, The","Cain, James M."

"Double Indemnity","Cain, James M."

"Shape of Water, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Voice of the Violin","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Patience of the Spider, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Excursion to Tindari","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Dance of the Seagull, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Age of Doubt, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Paper Moon, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Terra-Cotta Dog, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Snack Thief, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Rounding the Mark","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Track of Sand, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"August Heat","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Wings of the Sphinx, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Potter's Field, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Smell of the Night, The","Camilleri, Andrea"

"Music For Chameleons","Capote, Truman"

"Christmas Memory, A","Capote, Truman"

"Other Voices, Other Rooms","Capote, Truman"

"In Cold Blood","Capote, Truman"

"Complete Stories, The","Capote, Truman"

"Breakfast at Tiffany's","Capote, Truman"

"Answered Prayers","Capote, Truman"

"Manhood for Amateurs","Chabon, Michael"

"Gentlemen of the Road: A Tale of Adventure","Chabon, Michael"

"Telegraph Avenue","Chabon, Michael"

"Mysteries of Pittsburgh, The","Chabon, Michael"

"Final Solution, The","Chabon, Michael"

"Yiddish Policemen's Union, The","Chabon, Michael"

"Maps and Legends","Chabon, Michael"

"Gentlemen of the Road","Chabon, Michael"

"Poodle Springs","Chandler, Raymond"

"Little Sister, The","Chandler, Raymond"

"Farewell, My Lovely","Chandler, Raymond"

"Playback,"Chandler, Raymond"

"Long Goodbye, The","Chandler, Raymond"

"Big Sleep, The","Chandler, Raymond"

"Simple Art of Murder, The","Chandler, Raymond"

"High Window, The","Chandler, Raymond"

"Lady in the Lake, The","Chandler, Raymond"

"Pretender,"Cherryh, C.J."

"Inheritor,"Cherryh, C.J."

"Foreigner,"Cherryh, C.J."

"Explorer,"Cherryh, C.J."

"Invader,"Cherryh, C.J."

"Precursor,"Cherryh, C.J."

"Deliverer,"Cherryh, C.J."

"Destroyer,"Cherryh, C.J."

"Defender,"Cherryh, C.J."

"Big Four: A Hercule Poirot Mystery, The","Christie, Agatha"

"N or M?: A Tommy and Tuppence Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Murder Is Announced: A Miss Marple Mystery, A","Christie, Agatha"

"Evil Under the Sun: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Adventure of the Christmas Pudding, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Curtain: Poirot's Last Case: Hercule Poirot Investigates","Christie, Agatha"

"Cat Among the Pigeons: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Why Didn't They Ask Evans?","Christie, Agatha"

"Autobiography, An","Christie, Agatha"

"4:50 From Paddington","Christie, Agatha"

"Sad Cypress: Hercule Poirot Investigates","Christie, Agatha"

"Dumb Witness: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Black Coffee","Christie, Agatha"

"Crooked House","Christie, Agatha"

"Five Little Pigs: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Hollow: A Hercule Poirot Mystery, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Spider's Web","Christie, Agatha"

"Hercule Poirot's Christmas: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Hound of Death, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Sparkling Cyanide","Christie, Agatha"

"By the Pricking of My Thumbs:","Christie, Agatha"

"Death Comes as the End","Christie, Agatha"

"Death in the Clouds: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Elephants Can Remember","Christie, Agatha"

"Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side: A Miss Marple Mystery, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Three Blind Mice and Other Stories","Christie, Agatha"

"Postern of Fate","Christie, Agatha"

"Murder in Mesopotamia","Christie, Agatha"

"Thirteen Problems, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Three Act Tragedy: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Regatta Mystery and Other Stories: Featuring Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, and Mr. Parker Pyne, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Secret Adversary: A Tommy & Tuppence Adventure, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Clocks: A Hercule Poirot Mystery, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Passenger to Frankfurt","Christie, Agatha"

"Murder on the Links: A Hercule Poirot Mystery, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Mysterious Mr. Quin: A Short Story Collection, The","Christie, Agatha"

"While the Light Lasts","Christie, Agatha"

"Peril at End House","Christie, Agatha"

"Labours of Hercules: Hercule Poirot Investigates, The","Christie, Agatha"

"At Bertram's Hotel","Christie, Agatha"

"Problem at Pollensa Bay","Christie, Agatha"

"Ordeal by Innocence","Christie, Agatha"

"After the Funeral: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories, The","Christie, Agatha"

"One, Two, Buckle My Shoe: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Golden Ball and Other Stories, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Hickory Dickory Dock: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Murder at the Vicarage, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Taken at the Flood: Hercule Poirot Investigates","Christie, Agatha"

"Death on the Nile: Hercule Poirot Investigates","Christie, Agatha"

"Listerdale Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Double Sin and Other Stories","Christie, Agatha"

"They Do It With Mirrors","Christie, Agatha"

"Cards on the Table: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Murder in the Mews: Four Cases of Hercule Poirot","Christie, Agatha"

"Mrs. McGinty's Dead: Hercule Poirot Investigates","Christie, Agatha"

"Dead Man's Folly: Hercule Poirot Investigates","Christie, Agatha"

"Mysterious Affair at Styles, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Unexpected Guest, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Unexpected Guest","Christie, Agatha"

"Destination Unknown","Christie, Agatha"

"Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Parker Pyne Investigates","Christie, Agatha"

"Seven Dials Mystery, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Murder Is Easy","Christie, Agatha"

"They Came to Baghdad","Christie, Agatha"

"Man in the Brown Suit, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Murder on the Orient Express","Christie, Agatha"

"Mystery of the Blue Train: Hercule Poirot Investigates, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Hallowe'en Party: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories","Christie, Agatha"

"Towards Zero","Christie, Agatha"

"Lord Edgware Dies: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Moving Finger, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Partners in Crime: A Tommy & Tuppence Adventure","Christie, Agatha"

"Under Dog and Other Stories, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Sleeping Murder: Miss Marple's Last Case","Christie, Agatha"

"Pocket Full of Rye, A","Christie, Agatha"

"Caribbean Mystery: A Miss Marple Mystery, A","Christie, Agatha"

"A.B.C. Murders, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Secret of Chimneys, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Sittaford Mystery, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Third Girl","Christie, Agatha"

"Nemesis,"Christie, Agatha"

"Appointment With Death: A Hercule Poirot Mystery","Christie, Agatha"

"Poirot Investigates: Hercule Poirot Investigates","Christie, Agatha"

"Murder of Roger Ackroyd: A Hercule Poirot Mystery, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Miss Marple's Final Cases: And Two Other Stories","Christie, Agatha"

"Poirot's Early Cases","Christie, Agatha"

"Hercule Poirot's Casebook","Christie, Agatha"

"And Then There Were None","Christie, Agatha"

"Body in the Library, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Pale Horse, The","Christie, Agatha"

"Endless Night","Christie, Agatha"

"Short Stories","Simak, Clifford D."

"All the Traps of Earth: And Other Stories","Simak, Clifford D."

"Enchanted Pilgrimage","Simak, Clifford D."

"Strangers in the Universe","Simak, Clifford D."

"Shakespeares Planet","Simak, Clifford D."

"Best of Clifford D. Simak, The","Simak, Clifford D."

"Civilisation Game and Other Stories, The","Simak, Clifford D."

"All Flesh Is Grass and Other Stories","Simak, Clifford D."

"Way Station","Simak, Clifford D."

"Project Pope","Simak, Clifford D."

"Ring Around the Sun","Simak, Clifford D."

"Choice of Gods, A","Simak, Clifford D."

"So Bright the Vision (UC)","Simak, Clifford D."

"Cemetery World","Simak, Clifford D."

"Fellowship of the Talisman, The","Simak, Clifford D."

"Trouble & Tycho, The","Simak, Clifford D."

"Heritage of Stars, A","Simak, Clifford D."

"Goblin Reservation, The","Simak, Clifford D."

"Out of Their Minds","Simak, Clifford D."

"Our Children's Children","Simak, Clifford D."

"Werewolf Principle, The","Simak, Clifford D."

"City,"Simak, Clifford D."

"Time & Again","Simak, Clifford D."

"Destiny Doll","Simak, Clifford D."

"Cosmic engineers","Simak, Clifford D."

"Empire,"Simak, Clifford D."

"Why Call Them Back from Heaven","Simak, Clifford D."

"Street That Wasn't There, The","Simak, Clifford D."

"Special Deliverance","Simak, Clifford D."

"Visitors, The","Simak, Clifford D."

"creator and other stories, The","Simak, Clifford D."

"Death in the House, A","Simak, Clifford D."

"Sinister Pig, The","Hillerman, Tony"

"Sacred Clowns","Hillerman, Tony"

"People Of Darkness","Hillerman, Tony"

"Blessing Way, The","Hillerman, Tony"

"First Eagle, The","Hillerman, Tony"

"Dark Wind, The","Hillerman, Tony"

"Listening Woman","Hillerman, Tony"

"Fallen Man, The","Hillerman, Tony"

"Ghostway, The","Hillerman, Tony"

"Skeleton Man","Hillerman, Tony"

"Dance Hall Of The Dead","Hillerman, Tony"

"Thief Of Time, A","Hillerman, Tony"

"Skinwalkers,"Hillerman, Tony"

"Coyote Waits","Hillerman, Tony"

"Hunting Badger","Hillerman, Tony"

"Talking God","Hillerman, Tony"

"Wailing Wind, The","Hillerman, Tony"

"Shape Shifter, The","Hillerman, Tony"

"Spider Woman's Daughter","Hillerman, Anne"

"See Delphi And Die","Davis, Lindsey"

"Ode To A Banker","Davis, Lindsey"

"Iron Hand of Mars, The","Davis, Lindsey"

"One Virgin Too Many","Davis, Lindsey"

"Dying Light in Corduba, A","Davis, Lindsey"

"Silver Pigs, The","Davis, Lindsey"

"Body In The Bath House, A","Davis, Lindsey"

"Alexandria,"Davis, Lindsey"

"Shadows in Bronze","Davis, Lindsey"

"Three Hands in The Fountain","Davis, Lindsey"

"Poseidon's Gold","Davis, Lindsey"

"Accusers, The","Davis, Lindsey"

"Jupiter Myth, The","Davis, Lindsey"

"Time to Depart","Davis, Lindsey"

"Scandal Takes a Holiday","Davis, Lindsey"

"Venus In Copper","Davis, Lindsey"

"Last Act In Palmyra","Davis, Lindsey"

"Saturnalia,"Davis, Lindsey"

"Two For The Lions","Davis, Lindsey"

"Nemesis,"Davis, Lindsey"

"Falco: The Official Companion","Davis, Lindsey"

"Alice Adams","Tarkington, Booth"

"Beloved,"Morrison, Toni"

"Death in the Family, A","Agee, James"

"Age of Innocence, The","Wharton, Edith"

"Good Earth, The","Buck, Pearl S."

"Rabbit at Rest","Updike, John"

"Breathing Lessons","Tyler, Anne"

"Rabbit Is Rich","Updike, John"

"Stone Diaries, The","Shields, Carol"

"Foreign Affairs","Lurie, Alison"

"Visit From the Goon Squad, A","Egan, Jennifer"

"Magnificent Ambersons, The","Tarkington, Booth"

"Hours,"Cunningham, Michael"

"Killer Angels, The","Shaara, Michael"

"March,"Brooks, Geraldine"

"Road, The","McCarthy, Cormac"

"All the King's Men","Warren, Robert Penn"

"Color Purple, The","Walker, Alice"

"Keepers of the House, The","Grau, Shirley Ann"

"Fixer, The","Malamud, Bernard"

"Fable, A","Faulkner, William"

"Executioner's Song, The","Mailer, Norman"

"Thousand Acres, A","Smiley, Jane"

"Bridge of San Luis Rey, The","Wilder, Thornton"

"Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, The","Diaz, Junot"

"Interpreter of Maladies","Lahiri, Jhumpa"

"Shipping News","Proulx, Annie"

"Tales of the South Pacific","Michener, James A."

"Old Man And The Sea, The","Hemingway, Ernest"

"Humboldt's Gift","Bellow, Saul"

"Optimist's Daughter, The","Welty, Eudora"

"To Kill A Mockingbird","Lee, Harper"

"Empire Falls","Russo, Richard"

"Grapes of Wrath, The","Steinbeck, John"

"Confederacy of Dunces, A","Toole, John Kennedy"

"Caine Mutiny, The","Wouk, Herman"

"Gone With the Wind","Mitchell, Margaret"

"Ironweed,"Kennedy, William"

"Confessions of Nat Turner","Styron, William"

"Katherine Anne Porter: Collected Stories and Essays","Porter, Katherine Anne"

"Olive Kitteridge","Strout, Elizabeth"

"His Family","Poole, Ernest"

"One of Ours","Cather, Willa"

"Yearling, The","Rawlings, Marjorie Kinnan"

"Tinkers,"Harding, Paul"

"Middlesex,"Eugenides, Jeffrey"

"Lonesome Dove","McMurtry, Larry"

"American Pastoral","Roth, Philip"

"Stories of John Cheever, The","Cheever, John"

"Gilead,"Robinson, Marilynne"

"Known World, The","Jones, Edward P."

"Independence Day","Ford, Richard"

"Reivers, The","Faulkner, William"

"Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, The","Chabon, Michael"

"Warrior Chronicles, The","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Azincourt,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Stonehenge,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Sword","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Devil","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Gold","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Trafalgar","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Escape","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Prey","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Rifles","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Eagle","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's fury","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Revenge","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Triumph","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Regiment","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Enemy","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Havoc","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Honour","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Fortress","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Christmas","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Waterloo","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Battle","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Skirmish","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Siege","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Company","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Copperhead,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Bloody Ground, The","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Rebel,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Battle flag","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Harlequin,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Heretic,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Vagabond,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"1356,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Enemy of God","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Winter King, The","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Excalibur,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sea Lord","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Crackdown,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Wildtrack,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Stormchild,"Cornwell, Bernard"

"Sharpe's Tiger","Cornwell, Bernard"

"Silent Speaker, The","Stout, Rex"

"Not Quite Dead Enough","Stout, Rex"

"Officer and Lady","Stout, Rex"

"Rose Orchid","Stout, Rex"

"Tyrant Abdicates, A","Stout, Rex"

"And Be a Villain","Stout, Rex"

"Too Many Women","Stout, Rex"

"Man Alive","Stout, Rex"

"Too Many Clients","Stout, Rex"

"Die Like A Dog","Stout, Rex"

"When A Man Murders","Stout, Rex"

"Three at Wolfe's Door","Stout, Rex"

"Death of a Doxy","Stout, Rex"

"Three Doors to Death","Stout, Rex"

"Before Midnight","Stout, Rex"

"4th Of July Picnic","Stout, Rex"

"World Series Murder","Stout, Rex"

"Next Witness, The","Stout, Rex"

"Door To Death","Stout, Rex"

"Blood Will Tell","Stout, Rex"

"Black Mountain, The","Stout, Rex"

"Doorbell Rang, The","Stout, Rex"

"Three Witnesses","Stout, Rex"

"Trio for Blunt Instruments","Stout, Rex"

"Kill Now Pay Later","Stout, Rex"

"Under the Andes","Stout, Rex"

"Please Pass the Guilt","Stout, Rex"

"Too Many Cooks","Stout, Rex"

"Family Affair, A","Stout, Rex"

"Gambit,"Stout, Rex"

"If Death Ever Slept","Stout, Rex"

"Trouble in Triplicate","Stout, Rex"

"League of Frightened Men, The","Stout, Rex"

"Rubber Band, The","Stout, Rex"

"Mother Hunt, The","Stout, Rex"

"Fer-De-Lance,"Stout, Rex"

"Some Buried Caesar","Stout, Rex"

"Over My Dead Body","Stout, Rex"

"Red Box, The","Stout, Rex"

"Golden Spiders, The","Stout, Rex"

"Three Men Out","Stout, Rex"

"Black Orchids","Stout, Rex"

"Death of a Dude","Stout, Rex"

"Prisoner's Base","Stout, Rex"

"In the Best Families","Stout, Rex"

"Plot It Yourself","Stout, Rex"

"Might as Well Be Dead","Stout, Rex"

"Final Deduction, The","Stout, Rex"

"Triple Jeopardy","Stout, Rex"

"Father Hunt, The","Stout, Rex"

"Curtains for Three","Stout, Rex"

"Homicide Trinity","Stout, Rex"

"Champagne for One","Stout, Rex"

"And Four to Go","Stout, Rex"

"Second Confession, The","Stout, Rex"

"Three for the Chair","Stout, Rex"

"Right to Die, A","Stout, Rex"

"Murder by the Book","Stout, Rex"

"Pay Yeoman, The","Stout, Rex"

"Mother of Invention, The","Stout, Rex"

"Jonathan Stannard's Secret Vice","Stout, Rex"

"Agacella Or, An","Stout, Rex"

"Where There's a Will","Stout, Rex"

"Forgotten Man, the","Crais, Robert"

"Indigo Slam","Crais, Robert"

"Last Detective, The","Crais, Robert"

"Free Fall","Crais, Robert"

"Watchman, The","Crais, Robert"

"Two Minute Rule, The","Crais, Robert"

"Sunset Express","Crais, Robert"

"Voodoo River","Crais, Robert"

"L.A. Requiem","Crais, Robert"

"Hostage,"Crais, Robert"

"Lullaby Town","Crais, Robert"

"Demolition Angel","Crais, Robert"

"First Rule, The","Crais, Robert"

"Stalking the Angel","Crais, Robert"

"Chasing Darkness","Crais, Robert"

"Monkey's Raincoat, The","Crais, Robert"

"Back to Bologna","Dibdin, Michael"

"Cabal,"Dibdin, Michael"

"Long Finish, A","Dibdin, Michael"

"End Games","Dibdin, Michael"

"Cosi Fan Tutti","Dibdin, Michael"

"Dead Lagoon","Dibdin, Michael"

"And Then You Die","Dibdin, Michael"

"Vendetta,"Dibdin, Michael"

"Medusa,"Dibdin, Michael"

"Ratking,"Dibdin, Michael"

"Blood Rain","Dibdin, Michael"

"Gaudy Night","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Clouds of Witness","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Lord Peter Views the Body","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Five Red Herrings","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Whose Body","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club, The","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Have His Carcase","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Busman's Honeymoon","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Hangman's Holiday","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Murder Must Advertise","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Strong Poison","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Unnatural Death","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Nine Tailors, The","Sayers, Dorothy L."

"Sapphire Rose, The","Eddings, David"

"Shining Ones, The","Eddings, David"

"Seeress Of Kell","Eddings, David"

"Castle of Wizardry","Eddings, David"

"Magician's Gambit","Eddings, David"

"Diamond Throne, The","Eddings, David"

"King Of The Murgos","Eddings, David"

"Hidden City, The","Eddings, David"

"Elder Gods, The","Eddings, David & Eddings, Leigh"

"Polgara the Sorceress","Eddings, David & Eddings, Leigh"

"Treasured One, The","Eddings, David & Eddings, Leigh"

"Ruby Knight, The","Eddings, David"

"Demon Lord Of Karanda","Eddings, David"

"Guardians Of The West","Eddings, David"

"Enchanter's End Game","Eddings, David"

"Domes of Fire","Eddings, David"

"Belgarath the Sorcerer","Eddings, David & Eddings, Leigh"

"Queen of Sorcery","Eddings, David"

"Pawn of Prophecy","Eddings, David"

"Sorceress Of Darshiva","Eddings, David"

"Crystal Gorge","Eddings, David & Eddings, Leigh"

"Tarzan (Volume 4)","Burroughs, Edgar Rice"

"Tarzan (Volume 5)","Burroughs, Edgar Rice"

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"Tarzan (Volume 3)","Burroughs, Edgar Rice"

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"White Jazz","Ellroy, James"

"Black Dahlia, The","Ellroy, James"

"Big Nowhere, The","Ellroy, James"

"Hollywood Nocturnes","Ellroy, James"

"Crime Wave","Ellroy, James"

"L.A. Confidential","Ellroy, James"

"Brown's Requiem","Ellroy, James"

"Clandestine,"Ellroy, James"

"Midnight Tides","Erikson, Steven"

"Dust of Dreams","Erikson, Steven"

"Toll The Hounds","Erikson, Steven"

"Memories of Ice","Erikson, Steven"

"Deadhouse Gates","Erikson, Steven"

"Reaper's Gale","Erikson, Steven"

"Crippled God, The","Erikson, Steven"

"Bonehunters, The","Erikson, Steven"

"House Of Chains","Erikson, Steven"

"Gardens of the Moon","Erikson, Steven"

"Winter Warriors","Gemmell, David"

"Last Guardian","Gemmell, David"

"Knights of Dark Renown","Gemmell, David"

"Dark Prince","Gemmell, David"

"Lord of the Silver Bow","Gemmell, David"

"Fall of Kings","Gemmell, David"

"Hawk Eternal, The","Gemmell, David"

"Hero In The Shadows","Gemmell, David"

"Legend of the Deathwalker, The","Gemmell, David"

"Swords of Night and Day, The","Gemmell, David"

"Last Sword of Power","Gemmell, David"

"Echoes of the Great Song","Gemmell, David"

"In the Realm of the Wolf","Gemmell, David"

"Lion of Macedon","Gemmell, David"

"Wolf in Shadow","Gemmell, David"

"Sword In the Storm","Gemmell, David"

"Morningstar,"Gemmell, David"

"Midnight Falcon","Gemmell, David"

"Shield of Thunder","Gemmell, David"

"Dark Moon","Gemmell, David"

"Waylander,"Gemmell, David"

"Stormrider,"Gemmell, David"

"Quest for Lost Heroes","Gemmell, David"

"Ravenheart,"Gemmell, David"

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"Ironhand's Daughter","Gemmell, David"

"Ghost King","Gemmell, David"

"Bloodstone,"Gemmell, David"

"King Beyond the Gates, The","Gemmell, David"

"Legend,"Gemmell, David"

"White Wolf","Gemmell, David"

"Count Zero","Gibson, William"

"Mona Lisa overdrive","Gibson, William"

"Neuromancer,"Gibson, William"

"D is for Deadbeat","Grafton, Sue"

"N Is for Noose","Grafton, Sue"

"L Is for Lawless","Grafton, Sue"

"T Is for Trespass","Grafton, Sue"

"V Is for Vengeance","Grafton, Sue"

"C Is for Corpse","Grafton, Sue"

"I Is for Innocent","Grafton, Sue"

"O Is for Outlaw","Grafton, Sue"

"E is for Evidence","Grafton, Sue"

"R Is for Ricochet","Grafton, Sue"

"K Is for Killer","Grafton, Sue"

"F is for Fugitive","Grafton, Sue"

"U is for Undertow","Grafton, Sue"

"M Is for Malice","Grafton, Sue"

"Is for Alibi, A","Grafton, Sue"

"J Is for Judgment","Grafton, Sue"

"P Is for Peril","Grafton, Sue"

"G is for Gumshoe","Grafton, Sue"

"S Is for Silence","Grafton, Sue"

"B Is for Burglar","Grafton, Sue"

"Q Is for Quarry","Grafton, Sue"

"H Is for Homicide","Grafton, Sue"

"Jerusalem Inn","Grimes, Martha"

"Deer Leap, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Anodyne Necklace, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Black Cat, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Vertigo 42","Grimes, Martha"

"Case Has Altered, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Dust,"Grimes, Martha"

"Old Contemptibles, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Five Bells and Bladebone, The","Grimes, Martha"

"I Am the Only Running Footman","Grimes, Martha"

"Stargazey, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Blue Last, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Lamorna Wink, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Help the Poor Struggler","Grimes, Martha"

"Horse You Came in On, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Man with a Load of Mischief, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Old Fox Deceived, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Old Silent, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Rainbow's End","Grimes, Martha"

"Dirty Duck, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Grave Maurice, The","Grimes, Martha"

"Haggard Anthology Vol 10","Haggard, H. Rider"

"Haggard Anthology Vol 11","Haggard, H. Rider"

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"9th Directive","Hall, Adam"

"Pekin Target, The","Hall, Adam"

"Tango Briefing, The","Hall, Adam"

"Quiller's Run","Hall, Adam"

"Quiller Bamboo","Hall, Adam"

"Scorpion Signal, The","Hall, Adam"

"Quiller Barracuda","Hall, Adam"

"Striker Portfolio, The","Hall, Adam"

"Quiller Balalaika","Hall, Adam"

"Warsaw Document, The","Hall, Adam"

"Mandarin Cypher, The","Hall, Adam"

"Kobra Manifesto, The","Hall, Adam"

"Quiller Memorandum, The","Hall, Adam"

"Sinkiang Executive, The","Hall, Adam"

"Quiller Meridian","Hall, Adam"

"Quiller KGB","Hall, Adam"

"Last Rites","Hall, Adam"

"Quiller Salamander","Hall, Adam"

"Stainless Steel Rat Sings Blues, The","Harrison, Harry"

"Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell, The","Harrison, Harry"

"Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge, The","Harrison, Harry"

"Stainless Steel Rat Is Born, The","Harrison, Harry"

"Stainless Steel Rat Wants You, The","Harrison, Harry"

"Stainless Steel Rat Joins The Circus, The","Harrison, Harry"

"Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted, The","Harrison, Harry"

"stainless steel rat for president, The","Harrison, Harry"

"stainless steel rat saves the world, The","Harrison, Harry"

"Pinch of Snuff, A","Hill, Reginald"

"Killing Kindness, A","Hill, Reginald"

"Wood Beyond, The","Hill, Reginald"

"Death's Jest-Book","Hill, Reginald"

"Child's Play","Hill, Reginald"

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"Midnight Fugue","Hill, Reginald"

"Good Morning, Midnight","Hill, Reginald"

"April Shroud, An","Hill, Reginald"

"Woodcutter, The","Hill, Reginald"

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"Killing the Lawyers","Hill, Reginald"

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"question of death: an illustrated Phryne Fisher treasury, A","Greenwood, Kerry"

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"Raisins and Almonds","Greenwood, Kerry"

"Earthly Delights","Greenwood, Kerry"

"Away with the fairies","Greenwood, Kerry"

"Death by Water","Greenwood, Kerry"

"Murder on a Midsummer Night","Greenwood, Kerry"

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"Flying Too High","Greenwood, Kerry"

"Devil's Food","Greenwood, Kerry"

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"Making of the Representative for Planet 8, The","Lessing, Doris"

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"Color Scheme","Marsh, Ngaio"

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"Ancient Shores","McDevitt, Jack"

"Odyssey,"McDevitt, Jack"

"Chindi,"McDevitt, Jack"

"Cauldron,"McDevitt, Jack"

"Engines Of God","McDevitt, Jack"

"Warlord of the Air, The","Moorcock, Michael"

"Hawkmoon: The History of the Runestaff","Moorcock, Michael"

"Chronicles of Corum","Moorcock, Michael"

"Steel Tsar, The","Moorcock, Michael"

"Elric: The Sleeping Sorceress","Moorcock, Michael"

"Swords Trilogy","Moorcock, Michael"

"Duke Elric","Moorcock, Michael"

"Elric in the Dream Realms","Moorcock, Michael"

"Elric: The Stealer of Souls","Moorcock, Michael"

"Elric: Swords and Roses","Moorcock, Michael"

"Elric: To Rescue Tanelorn","Moorcock, Michael"

"Chronicles of Castle Brass, The","Moorcock, Michael"

"Land Leviathan","Moorcock, Michael"

"First Rumpole Omnibus, The","Mortimer, John"

"Third Rumpole Omnibus, The","Mortimer, John"

"Second Rumpole Omnibus, The","Mortimer, John"

"Homage to Catalonia","Orwell, George"

"Complete Novels of George Orwell, The","Orwell, George"

"Fifty Orwell Essays","Orwell, George"

"Down and Out in Paris and London","Orwell, George"

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"Charlie Chan Omnibus","Biggers, Earl Derr"

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"S.B.H Hurst Omnibus","Hurst, S.B.H."

"Hermit Of Eyton Forest","Peters, Ellis"

"Brother Cadfael's Penance","Peters, Ellis"

"Virgin In The Ice","Peters, Ellis"

"Potter's Field","Peters, Ellis"

"Summer of The Danes, The","Peters, Ellis"

"Excellent Mystery, An","Peters, Ellis"

"Holy Thief","Peters, Ellis"

"Sanctuary Sparrow","Peters, Ellis"

"Devil's Novice, The","Peters, Ellis"

"Confession of Brother Haluin, The","Peters, Ellis"

"St. Peter's Fair","Peters, Ellis"

"Leper of Saint Giles, The","Peters, Ellis"

"Monk's Hood","Peters, Ellis"

"Raven In The Foregate, The","Peters, Ellis"

"Pilgrim Of Hate","Peters, Ellis"

"One Corpse Too Many","Peters, Ellis"

"Heretic's Apprentice, The","Peters, Ellis"

"Morbid Taste for Bones","Peters, Ellis"

"Rare Benedictine: The Advent of Brother Cadfael, A","Peters, Ellis"

"Rose Rent, The","Peters, Ellis"

"Dead Man's Ransom","Peters, Ellis"

"Riverworld and other stories","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Green Odyssey, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Magic Labyrinth, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Flight To Opar","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Dark Heart of Time, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Image of the Beast","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Fabulous Riverboat, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Dayworld,"Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Tales of Riverworld","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"More Than Fire","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Dark is the Sun","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Hadon of Ancient Opar","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Gods of Riverworld","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Lavalite World, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Adventure of the Peerless Peer, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"To Your Scattered Bodies Go","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Night of Light","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Red Orc's Rage","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Private Cosmos, A","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Behind The Walls Of Terra","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Flesh,"Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Feast Unknown, A","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Dark Design, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Tongues of the Moon","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Barnstormer in Oz, A","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Book of Philip Jose Farmer, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Wind Whales Of Ishmael, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Time's Last Gift","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Maker of Universes, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

"Gates of Creation, The","Farmer, Philip Jose"

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"Radio Free Albemuth","Dick, Philip K."

"Time Out of Joint","Dick, Philip K."

"Zap Gun, The","Dick, Philip K."

"Minority Report and Other Classic Stories, The","Dick, Philip K."

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"Five great novels. The three stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. Martian time-slip. Do Androids dream of electric sheep?. Ubik. A scanner darkly","Dick, Philip K."

"Martian Time-Slip","Dick, Philip K."

"Maze of Death, A","Dick, Philip K."

"World of Chance","Dick, Philip K."

"In Milton Lumky Territory","Dick, Philip K."

"Now Wait for Last Year","Dick, Philip K."

"Dr. Bloodmoney, or How We Got Along after the Bomb","Dick, Philip K."

"Flow my tears, the policeman said","Dick, Philip K."

"Simulacra, The","Dick, Philip K."

"Vulcan's Hammer","Dick, Philip K."

"Lies, Inc.","Dick, Philip K."

"Our Friends from Frolix 8","Dick, Philip K."

"Valis,"Dick, Philip K."

"Complete Stories 3 - Second Variety and Other Stories","Dick, Philip K."

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"Unteleported Man, The","Dick, Philip K."

"We Can Build You","Dick, Philip K."

"Galactic Pot-Healer","Dick, Philip K."

"Dr. Futurity","Dick, Philip K."

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"Mary And The Giant","Dick, Philip K."

"Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick","Dick, Philip K."

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"Penultimate Truth, The","Dick, Philip K."

"Ubik,"Dick, Philip K."

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"Deus Irae","Dick, Philip K. & Zelazny, Roger"

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"Cantata-141,"Dick, Philip K."

"Paycheck,"Dick, Philip K."

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"Scanner Darkly, A","Dick, Philip K."

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"Counter-Clock World","Dick, Philip K."

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"Raising Steam","Pratchett, Terry"

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"Where's My Cow","Pratchett, Terry"

"Eric,"Pratchett, Terry"

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"Lords and Ladies","Pratchett, Terry"

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"Last Hero, The","Pratchett, Terry"

"Hogfather,"Pratchett, Terry"

"Truth, The","Pratchett, Terry"

"Equal Rites","Pratchett, Terry"

"Darwin's Watch","Pratchett, Terry & Cohen, Jack & Stewart, Ian"

"Thud!,"Pratchett, Terry"

"Witches abroad","Pratchett, Terry"

"Sourcery,"Pratchett, Terry"

"Jingo,"Pratchett, Terry"

"Unseen Academicals","Pratchett, Terry"

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"Interesting Times","Pratchett, Terry"

"Wintersmith,"Pratchett, Terry"

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"Reaper Man","Pratchett, Terry"

"Wee Free Men, The","Pratchett, Terry"

"Last Continent, The","Pratchett, Terry"

"World of Poo, The","Pratchett, Terry"

"Pyramids,"Pratchett, Terry"

"Hat Full of Sky, A","Pratchett, Terry"

"Mort,"Pratchett, Terry"

"Carpe Jugulum","Pratchett, Terry"

"Monstrous Regiment","Pratchett, Terry"

"Maskerade,"Pratchett, Terry"

"Feet of Clay","Pratchett, Terry"

"L-Space Web: The Discworld Timeline, The","Pratchett, Terry"

"Wit And Wisdom Of Discworld","Pratchett, Terry"

"Fifth Elephant, The","Pratchett, Terry"

"Men at Arms","Pratchett, Terry"

"Making Money","Pratchett, Terry"

"science of Discworld, The","Pratchett, Terry"

"Going Postal","Pratchett, Terry"

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"Way by Swann's, The","Proust, Marcel"

"Sodom and Gomorrah","Proust, Marcel"

"Finding Time Again","Proust, Marcel"

"Prisoner and the Fugitive, The","Proust, Marcel"

"In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower","Proust, Marcel"

"Five Greatest Warriors","Reilly, Matthew"

"Six Sacred Stones","Reilly, Matthew"

"Hell Island","Reilly, Matthew"

"Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves","Reilly, Matthew"

"Area 7","Reilly, Matthew"

"Ice Station","Reilly, Matthew"

"Scarecrow,"Reilly, Matthew"

"Seven Deadly Wonders","Reilly, Matthew"

"Zebra-Striped Hearse, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Blue Hammer, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Find a Victim","Macdonald, Ross"

"Doomsters, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Far Side of the Dollar, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Drowning Pool, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Instant Enemy, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Barbarous Coast, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Ferguson Affair, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Ivory Grin, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Way Some People Die, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Wycherly Woman, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Goodbye Look, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Black Money","Macdonald, Ross"

"Meet Me at the Morgue","Macdonald, Ross"

"Chill, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Moving Target, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Galton Case, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Underground Man, The","Macdonald, Ross"

"Sleeping Beauty","Macdonald, Ross"

"Isle of the Dead","Zelazny, Roger"

"This Immortal","Zelazny, Roger"

"Changeling,"Zelazny, Roger"

"Roadmarks,"Zelazny, Roger"

"Lord of Light","Zelazny, Roger"

"Eye of Cat","Zelazny, Roger"

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"He Who Shapes","Zelazny, Roger"

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"Lyonesse I - Suldun's Garden","Vance, Jack"

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"Conan Chronicles Vol 1: The People of the Black Circle, The","Howard, Robert E."

"Something Wicked This Way Comes","Bradbury, Ray"

"Emperor of Dreams","Smith, Clark Ashton"

"Lyonesse II - The Green Pear and Madouc","Vance, Jack"

"Anubis Gates, The","Powers, Tim"

"Peace,"Wolfe, Gene"

"Well of the Unicorn, The","Pratt, Fletcher"

"House on the Borderland and Other Novels, The","Hodgson, William Hope"

"Fevre Dream","Martin, George R. R."

"Book of the New Sun Vol 2: Sword and Citadel, The","Wolfe, Gene"

"Lud-In-The-Mist,"Mirrlees, Hope"

"Gloriana,"Moorcock, Michael"

"Chronicles of Corum, The","Moorcock, Michael"

"Enchanter Reborn","Camp, L. Sprague de & Stasheff, Christopher"

"Little, Big","Crowley, John"

"Darker Than You Think","Williamson, Jack"

"Voyage to Arcturus, A","Lindsay, David"

"Compleat Enchanter, The","Camp, L. Sprague de & Pratt, Fletcher"

"Time and Again","Finney, Jack"

"Worm Ouroboros, The","Eddison, E. R."

"Dragon Waiting, The","Ford, John"

"Grendel,"Gardner, John"

"Rudyard Kipling's Tales of Horror and Fantasy","Kipling, Rudyard"

"Three Hearts and Three Lions","Anderson, Poul"

"Sea Kings of Mars and Otherwolrdly Stories","Brackett, Leigh"

"Chronicles of Amber, The","Zelazny, Roger"

"History of the Runestaff, The","Moorcock, Michael"

"Elric: The Stealer of Souls","Moorcock, Michael"

"Viriconium,"Harrison, M. John"

"Conan Chronicles 2 : The Hour of the Dragon, The","Howard, Robert E."

"Black Gods and Scarlet Dreams","Moore, C.L."

"WAS,"Ryman, Geoff"

"Mabinogion, The","Walton, Evangeline"

"Tales of the Dying Earth","Vance, Jack"

"King of Elflands Daughter","Dunsany, Lord"

"Song of Kali","Simmons, Dan"

"First Book of Lankhmar, The","Leiber, Fritz"

"Second Book of Lankhmar, The","Leiber, Fritz"

"Coinspinner's Story","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Empire of the East","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker Fury","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker,"Saberhagen, Fred"

"Gods of Fire and Thunder","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Shieldbreaker's Story","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker's Star","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker's Planet","Saberhagen, Fred"

"God of the Golden Fleece","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker Prime","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker Base","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Third Book of Swords","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Woundhealer's Story","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Sightblinder's Story","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Mindsword's Story","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Rogue Berserker","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Arms of Hercules, The","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Shiva in Steel","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Second Book of Swords, The","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker Wars","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Brother Assassin","Saberhagen, Fred"

"First Book of Swords, The","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Ariadne's Web","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker Kill","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Farslayer's Story","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Stonecutter's Story","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker Blue Death","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Wayfinder's Story","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker Throne, The","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Ultimate Enemy, The","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker Man","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Face of Apollo, The","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Berserker Attack","Saberhagen, Fred"

"Body Work","Paretsky, Sara"

"Total Recall","Paretsky, Sara"

"Blood Shot","Paretsky, Sara"

"Hard Time","Paretsky, Sara"

"Burn Marks","Paretsky, Sara"

"Tunnel Vision","Paretsky, Sara"

"Critical Mass","Paretsky, Sara"

"Hardball,"Paretsky, Sara"

"Bitter Medicine","Paretsky, Sara"

"Killing Orders","Paretsky, Sara"



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