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Section 6.2 of your textbook describes incremental development . Do...

Section 6.2 of your textbook describes incremental development. Do the exercise at the end of that section:

As an exercise, use incremental development to write a function called hypotenuse that returns the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle given the lengths of the other two legs as arguments. Record each stage of the development process as you go. (Downey, 2015)

After the final stage of development, print the output of hypotenuse(3, 4) and two other calls to hypotenuse with different arguments.

Invent your own function that does some useful computation of your choosing. Do not copy the function from somewhere else. Use incremental development, and record each stage of the development process as you go. Finally, print output that demonstrates that the function works as you intended.

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