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 Insert rows into Horse tableIDRegisteredNameBreedHeightBirthDate

  •  - integer, auto increment, primary key
  •  - variable-length string 
  •  - variable-length string, must be one of the following: Egyptian Arab, Holsteiner, Quarter Horse, Paint, Saddlebred
  •  - decimal number, must be between 10.0 and 20.0
  •  - date, must be on or after Jan 1, 2015

                        Insert the following data into the Horse table:

RegisteredName           Breed                      Height                    BirthDate

Babe                               Quarter House          15.3                     2015-02-10

Independence                Holsteiner                 16.0                      2011-03-13

Ellie                                Saddlebred                15.0                      2016-12-22

NULL                             Egyptian Arab           14.9                       2019-10-12

My Sql

CREATE table horse(

     ID smallint(5) unsigned AUTO_INCREMENT,

     RegisteredName VARCHAR(15),

     Breed VARCHAR(20) CHECK (Breed in ('Egyptian Arab', 'Holsteiner', 'Quarter Horse', 'Paint', 'Saddlebred')),

     Height DECIMAL(3,1) CHECK (Hieght >=10.0 and Hieght <=20.0),

     BirthDate date CHECK ( BirthDate >01/01/2015),

     primary key (ID)


INSERT INTO Horse (RegisteredName, Breed, Height, BirthDate) VALUES

("Babe", "Quarter House", 15.3, 2015-02-10),

("Independence", "Holsteiner", 16.0, 2011-03-13),

("Ellie", "Saddlebred", 15.0, 2016-12-22),

(Null, "Egyptian Arab", 14.9, 2019-10-12);

Result set test

Query failed: ERROR 1292 (22007) at line 11: Incorrect date value: '2003' for column 'BirthDate' at row 1

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