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Computers are classified by price, processing speed, capacity, and A. user friendliness. decade in which they were designed. physical size.

1. Computers are classified by price, processing speed,
capacity, and
A. user friendliness.
B. use.
C. decade in which they were designed.
D. physical size.
2. To get connected to the Internet, you must have a
A. mouse. C. browser.
B. fax machine. D. CD-ROM.
3. Which one of the following is an input device?
A. Image scanner C. Monitor
B. CPU D. Printer
4. When keyboarding a memo, you mistakenly type “Robbert.” To get rid of the extra “b,”
place the insertion point before the first “b” and press the
A. Backspace key once.
B. Delete key once.
C. Insert key to toggle into Typeover mode then press the Spacebar once.
D. Spacebar once then the Delete key.
5. You’re creating a company pamphlet and have selected a drawing prepared for you by
a local artist as the background for the text on the cover. To best capture the image
for insertion into your desktop published document, you should use a
A. flatbed scanner. C. photocopier.
B. digital camera. D. facsimile.
6. A _______ is the most commonly used input device.
A. microphone C. printer
B. keyboard D. dpi
7. While working on her organization’s Web site, Robin’s supervisor suggests that she
include images of the company’s most popular product line. The best device to use
to capture the product images is a
A. digital camera. C. hand scanner.
B. page scanner. D. high resolution color monitor.
8. A CD-RW is a type of
A. primary storage. C. secondary storage.
B. memory. D. RAM.
9. The type of software used to manage and coordinate various components of your PC
is called
A. Web browser. C. operating system.
B. database. D. TCP/IP.
10. Bob’s friend tells him that he should consider purchasing an external hard drive.
What is an appropriate reason why someone would use an external hard drive?
A. It saves energy.
B. It saves time.
C. It saves hard disk space.
D. It saves money.
11. If you point to a graphic, hold the left mouse button, then move the item to the
bottom left-hand side of the screen, you’ve
A. double-clicked.
B. dragged and dropped.
C. pointed and dropped.
D. clicked and pointed.
13. Which of the following computer components converts raw data into significant
information, interprets software instructions, and controls output devices?
A. Hard drive
B. Motherboard
C. PROM (programmable read-only memory)
D. CPU (central processing unit)
14. Jill wants to organize information into tables, figures, fields, and records. What type
of software should Jill use?
A. Communications C. Database
B. Presentation D. Word processing
15. On a computer screen, the more pixels that appear per square inch, the
A. higher the dpi. C. higher the resolution.
B. faster the ppm. D. faster the refresh rate.
16. Susan bought a new computer and must add an operating system. Which one of the
following is the most popular operating system today?
A. Windows C. UNIX
B. Mac OS X D. Linux
17. When you’re working with a file and using application software, the application is
temporarily stored in
A. ROM. C. the hard drive.
B. the CPU. D. RAM.
18. Which one of the following is most directly related to the quality of your printer’s output?
A. Graphics adapters C. Pixels
B. Dpi D. Physical size
19. If you need to calculate the operating expenses for four departments within your
organization for January, February, and March and present them in a bar chart
during the quarterly staff meeting, the applications software packages that you
should use are
A. word processing and database.
B. spreadsheet and presentation.
C. database and presentation.
D. spreadsheet and communications
20. John is reading about the different types of secondary storage he can use to store his
data. Which of the following is not a type of memory card?
A. SD C. Memory stick
B. MMC D. Flash drive

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