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Programming in Visual Basic 2008 Bradley/Millspaugh Pg 207 Exercise 4.3-4.5 Create a project to compute your checking account balance. Form: Include radio buttons to indicate the type of transaction: deposit, check, or service charge. A text box will allow the user to enter the amount of the transaction. Display the new balance in ReadOnly text box or a label. Calculate the balance by adding deposits and subtracting service charges and checks. Include buttons for Calculate, Clear, Print and Exit. Add validation. Display a message box if the new balance would be a negative number. If there is not enough money to cover a check, do not deduct the check amount. Instead, display a message box with the message "Insufficient Funds" and deduct a service charge of $10. Add a summary button that will display the total number of deposits, the total dollar amount of deposits, the number of checks, and the dollar amount of the checks. Do not include checks that were returned for insufficient funds, but do include the service charges. Use a message box to display the summary information.
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