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Exercise 2.38
Apply the normalization process to the Veterinary Office List—Version One relation shown in Figure 1-26 to develop a set of normalized relations. Show the results of each of the steps in the normalization process.

Exercise 2.40
Consider the following relation:
STUDENT (StudentNumber, StudentName, SiblingName, Major)

Assume that the values of SiblingName are the names of all of a given student’s brothers and sisters; also assume that students have a at most one major.

A. Show an example of this relation for two students, one of whom has three siblings and the other of whom has only two siblings.

B. List the candidate keys in this relation.

C. State the functional dependencies in this relation.

D. Explain why this relation does not meet the relational design criteria set out in this chapter (that is, why this is not a well-formed relation.)

E. Divide the relation into a set of relations that meet the relational design criteria (that is, that are well formed).