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2. List three different examples of crosstalk that don’t involve wires and electric signals. (Hint: Look around you.) 5. The local cable TV company is considering removing all the coaxial cable and replacing it with fiber-optic cable. List the advantages and disadvantages of this plan. 12. Given that a satellite signal travels at the speed of light, exactly how long does it take for a signal to go from the Earth to a satellite in geosynchronous orbit, and back to Earth? Show your calculations. 13. How long does it take a signal to reach a satellite in low-Earth orbit? Show the calculations 1. What are the advantages, if any, of the older EIA 232F interface over the newer USB interface? 3. If I have a device that has a Universal Serial Bus 2.0 interface, but my computer only has a Universal Serial Bus 1.1 connector, is my device going to work? Explain why or why not. 6. List two examples not mentioned in the book for each of the following connections: half-duplex and full-duplex. 8. Using the same scenario as the previous problem, show the sequence of messages exchanged using hub polling. 12. What types of devices are best served with an isochronous connections?
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