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Several employees at the company you work for have recently been victims of identity theft. These incidents were the result of emails received by the victims requesting that they supply personal bank account information to a Web site or risk having their accounts closed. The Web site was, of course, not legitimate, and attackers used the information collected there to transfer funds from the victims’ accounts. The company has recently upgraded all of the company workstations to Windows 7, and you are examining the capabilities of the SmartScreen Filter in the Internet Explorer 8. Your superiors have told you that you can use any of the new IE 8 security features for the company workstations, as long as they do not consume any additional Internet bandwidth.

Explain to your supervisor the various methods IE 8 uses to protect against phishing attacks, and specify which ones you intend to use for the company workstations.
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Internet Explorer 8 is the advanced version of our familiar web browsers with which one is most
comfortable using. It helps us to get everything from web faster, easier and more securely and...