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E xam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question....

Could you please help me with this test? I have read the chapters and the book is so messed up I can't find the answers to a lot of these questions.

Exam Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Programming languages are most helpful to programmers because they: 1) A) allow for only a single possible solution for a problem B) are precise C) are very close to English D) automate the process 2) String constants or string literals: 2) A) are stored in memory with the surrounding quotes or double quotes B) can't include a tab character C) are surrounded by quotes in JavaScript code D) all of the above 3) In JavaScript, 17%5 is: 3) A) the same as 17/5 B) 3 C) the name of a variable D) 2 4) In JavaScript, the escape symbol is the: 4) A) semicolon (;) B) colon (:) C) slash (/) D) backslash (\) 5) Which of the following is not a suitable assignment statement? 5) A) length * width = area B) score = 92.8 C) class = "College Algebra" D) wages = hours * rate 6) Which of the following is a valid JavaScript variable name? 6) A) Tax Rate B) 37AB C) BR549 D) 0123 7) From language to language, generally an identifier: 7) A) starts with two digits followed by letters or numbers B) can be made up of only letters C) starts with a letter and is followed by letters, numerals, or the underscore D) cannot contain numbers, spaces, or lowercase letters 8) In JavaScript, an empty string: 8) A) contains a single space enclosed in double quotes B) is not valid C) is written as "" D) is the same as an undefined value 1
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9) The value used for a variable on the right side of an assignment statement is: 9) A) the value after the statement is executed B) can be updated before the newly_computed_value is assigned to the variable_receiving_new_value C) the value before the statement is executed D) none of the above 10) An if statement must have: 10) A) a semicolon at the end of it B) the word then in it C) the < then - statement > on a separate line D) all of the above 11) In JavaScript, output displayed in a popup box can be produced using the: 11) A) lprint command B) alert command C) printout command D) all of the above 12) Data values can be referenced: 12) A) as variables global to a handler B) as a variable in another element C) as variables local to a handler D) all of the above 13) When a button is clicked in a form: 13) A) a click event is generated B) a dialog box is displayed C) the form closes D) the form is erased 14) Used within the < input…/ > tag, buttons, text boxes, and checkboxes are examples of: 14) A) event types B) input types C) button values D) none of the above 15) Constructing a table "inside out" in HTML using copy and paste begins with the: 15) A) < tr > and < /tr > tags B) < table > and < /table > tags C) < body > and < /body > tags D) < td > and < /td > tags 16) The HTML tag used to create buttons is called: 16) A) < input > B) < button > C) < var > D) < enter > 17) To reference a variable in another element, you must use a: 17) A) local variable B) dot operator C) global variable D) none of the above 18) A grid of rows and columns can be created using the: 18) A) < grid > tag B) < row > and < column > tags C) < table > tag D) none of the above 19) A good application to build an HTML Web page is: 19) A) WordPerfect B) Word C) AppleWorks D) Notepad ++ 2
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