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Juran’s final step to quality improvement is ____. Answer organize to reach the goals (establish a quality council, identify problems, select projects, appoint teams, designate facilitators) keep score report progress maintain momentum by making annual improvement part of the regular systems and processes of the company 4 points Question 2 When using the ____, the project manager deemphasizes or avoids areas of differences and emphasizes areas of agreement. Answer confrontation mode withdrawal mode smoothing mode forcing mode 4 points Question 3 ____ is the earned value minus the planned value. Answer SV CV CPI SPI 4 points Question 4 ____ is best known for developing Theory X and Theory Y. Answer Frederick Herzberg David McClelland Abraham Maslow Douglas McGregor 4 points Question 5 Project sponsors can usually rank scope, time, and cost goals in order of importance in a(n) ____. Answer expectations management matrix responsibility assignment matrix issue log priority matrix 4 points Question 6 Psychologist David Merril describes ____ as reactive and people-oriented. Answer “Expressives” “Drivers” “Analyticals” “Amiables” 4 points Question 7 The ____ is the ratio of earned value to planned value and can be used to estimate the projected time to complete the project. Answer SV CV CPI SPI 4 points Question 8 Abraham Maslow, a highly respected psychologist, rejected the dehumanizing negativism of psychology in the ____. Answer 1940s 1950s 1960s 1970s 4 points Question 9 ____, a quality system standard developed by the ISO, is a three-part, continuous cycle of planning, controlling, and documenting quality in an organization. Answer IEEE 15504 ISO 9000 IEEE 9000 ISO 15504 4 points Question 10 ____ involves prioritizing risks based on their probability and impact of occurrence. Answer Performing qualitative risk analysis Planning risk management Planning risk responses Performing quantitative risk analysis 4 points Question 11 Many organizations use ____ and templates to generate SOWs. Answer details outlines plans samples 4 points Question 12 It takes ____ to help improve communication. Answer timing highly skilled employees leadership outside consultants 4 points Question 13 ____ involves tracking team member performance, motivating team members, providing timely feedback, resolving issues and conflicts, and coordinating changes to help enhance project performance. Answer Developing the human resource plan Developing the project team Acquiring the project team Managing the project team 4 points Question 14 Buyers typically develop a short list of the top ____ suppliers to reduce the work involved in selecting a source. Answer one to two three to five eight to ten twelve to fifteen 4 points Question 15 KLCI Research Group’s 2001 survey revealed that ____ percent of the organizations surveyed had a Project Management Office. Answer 64 75 85 94 4 points Question 16 A(n) ____ is a column chart that shows the number of resources assigned to a project over time. Answer responsibility assignment matrix resource histogram RACI charts organizational breakdown structure 4 points Question 17 A certainty factor of 1.960 is used for ____ percent desired certainty. Answer 75 95 96 99 4 points Question 18 Information regarding the content of essential project communications comes from the ____. Answer organizational chart communications management plan work breakdown structure (WBS) expectations management matrix 4 points Question 19 Research indicates that project managers favor using ____ for conflict resolution over the other four modes. Answer compromise smoothing confrontation forcing 4 points Question 20 According to the Standish Group’s success potential scoring sheet, ____ has the highest relative importance. Answer executive management support clear statement of requirements proper planning user involvement 4 points Question 21 ____ applies to positive risks when the project team cannot or chooses not to take any actions toward a risk. Answer Risk enhancement Risk acceptance Risk sharing Risk exploitation 4 points Question 22 One of ____ 14 Points for Management states that an organization should cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality. Answer Deming’s Juran’s Crosby’s Ishikawa’s 4 points Question 23 ____ is a cost that relates to all errors not detected and not corrected before delivery to the customer. Answer Prevention cost Appraisal cost Internal failure cost External failure cost 4 points Question 24 The ____ process is often associated with the technical tools and techniques of quality management, such as Pareto charts, quality control charts, and statistical sampling. Answer quality planning quality certification quality assurance quality control 4 points Question 25 ____ emphasizes things such as job rotation, broadening of skills, generalization versus specialization, and the need for continuous training of workers. Answer Theory W Theory X Theory Y Theory Z 4 points Question 26 As the number of people involved in a project ____, the complexity of communications ____. Answer increases, decreases decreases, increases increases, stays constant increases, increases 4 points Question 27 The ____ is that portion of the approved total cost estimate planned to be spent on an activity during a given period. Answer AC EV RP PV 4 points Question 28 ____ helps integrate traditionally separate organizational functions, set process improvement goals and priorities, provide guidance for quality processes, and provide a point of reference for appraising current processes. Answer SQFD CMM SQMMI CMMI 4 points Question 29 According to the guideline governing ____, designate someone to take minutes and send the minutes out soon after the meeting. Answer running the meeting professionally providing an agenda to participants before the meeting determining who should attend the meeting building relationships 4 points Question 30 ____ is a fact-finding technique for collecting information in face-to-face, phone, e-mail, or instant-messaging discussions. Answer Brainstorming SWOT analysis The Delphi technique Interviewing 4 points Question 31 With a(n) ____ contract, the buyer pays the supplier for allowable performance costs along with a predetermined fee and an incentive bonus. Answer CPFF CPIF CPPC CPPF 4 points Question 32 Two people have ____ communications channel(s). Answer zero one two three 4 points Question 33 Utility rises at a decreasing rate for a ____ person. Answer risk-seeking risk-averse risk-neutral risk-indifferent 4 points Question 34 ____, with assistance from financial experts in their organizations, should create estimates of the costs and benefits of the project for its entire life cycle. Answer Financial managers Project managers Budget managers System managers 4 points Question 35 People with a high need for ____ desire harmonious relationships with other people and need to feel accepted by others. Answer affiliation money power achievement 4 points Question 36 ____ analysis simulates a model’s outcome many times to provide a statistical distribution of the calculated results. Answer Decision tree EMV Monte Carlo Watch list 4 points Question 37 A(n) ____ is a document used to solicit proposals from prospective suppliers. Answer RFQ RFP COW SOW 4 points Question 38 With the ____, project managers use a give-and-take approach to resolving conflicts. Answer confrontation mode compromise mode smoothing mode forcing mode 4 points Question 39 A(n) ____ is a diagramming analysis technique used to help select the best course of action in situations in which future outcomes are uncertain. Answer decision tree EMV Monte Carlo analysis watch list 4 points Question 40 In the Tuckman model, ____ occurs when the emphasis is on reaching the team goals, rather than working on team process. Answer performing norming forming storming 4 points Question 41 The ____ mode is also called the problem-solving mode. Answer confrontation compromise smoothing forcing 4 points Question 42 Psychologist David Merril describes ____ as reactive and task-oriented. Answer “Expressives” “Drivers” “Analyticals” “Amiables” 4 points Question 43 A(n) ____ is done to test each individual component (often a program) to ensure that it is as defect-free as possible. Answer integration test unit test user acceptance test system test 4 points Question 44 ____ issues cause the most conflicts over the project life cycle. Answer Project priority Staffing Cost Schedule 4 points Question 45 The project management plan, project funding requirements, work performance data, and organizational process assets are inputs for the process of ____. Answer controlling costs budgeting costs consolidating costs estimating costs 4 points Question 46 Since information technology projects often require a lot of coordination, it is a good idea to have ____ meetings. Answer long, frequent short, infrequent short, frequent long, infrequent 4 points Question 47 The ____ is an estimate of what it will cost to complete the project based on performance to date. Answer CPI SV EAC SPI 4 points Question 48 KLCI Research Group’s 2001 survey revealed that the most frequently cited benefit from software risk management practices is to ____. Answer prevent surprises improve ability to negotiate meet customer commitments anticipate/avoid problems 4 points Question 49 A ____ is done very early in a project or even before a project is officially started. Answer budgetary estimate definitive estimate rough order of magnitude estimate final estimate 4 points Question 50 The ____ states that if seven data points in a row are all below the mean, above the mean, or are all increasing or decreasing, then the process needs to be examined for non-random problems. Answer ten run rule six 9s of quality rule seven run rule Six Sigma rule
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