I need help answering this questions for my Concepts and...

I need help answering this questions for my Concepts and Application of Information System. If you can maybe post the answer here instead of attaching it I have been having problems opening a doc. 

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Question 1 Fill in the blanks by selecting one option from each menu. 10 points Suppose you need to store and manipulate all data related to customers: names, addresses, items purchased, total purchases for the past year, invoices sent and invoices paid, and shipment records. Your best option for handling this kind of data is a (databasespreadsheet ) A. Database B. B. Spreadsheet Question 2 Select one answer. 10 points In terms of customer service issues , which of the following is the least likely reason for using a robust CRM? A A CRM can provide a more rapid response to queries and concerns by forwarding the query to the right department. B A CRM can provide a company's marketing department with information needed to identify and target new customers. C A CRM can optimize the information shared among departments, resulting in better management of existing accounts. D A CRM can enable members of pertinent departments to have access to all the relevant information, enabling them to answer queries and resolve problems quickly and easily. Question 3 Select one answer. 10 points True or false? Data warehousing and data mining
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