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This is my week3 lab, could you please help me with it? CIS-336:...

This is my week3 lab, could you please help me with it?

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CIS-336: Lab 3: Building the Physical Model LAB OVERVIEW Scenario and Summary The lab for this week addresses taking a logical database design (data model) and transforming it into a physical model (tables, constraints, and rela±onships). As part of the lab, you will need to download the zip Fle ±tled CIS336Lab3²iles from Doc Sharing. This zip Fle contains the ERD, Data Dic±onary, and test data for the tables you create as you complete this exercise. Your job will be to use the ERD Diagram found below as a guide to deFne the table structures and constraints using both CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE statements. Once this has been done, you will need to write the INSERT INTO TABLE statements to insert the data provided into the table. The data should verify that the constraints you have created are valid and deFne the correct referen±al and data integrity constraints asked for. Lastly, you will write SELECT statements to query the tables and verify the data was populated. Please use exactly the data provided, without addi±on, dele±on, or altera±on except as directed, as your results may be evaluated against expected results generated using this exact data set. Narratve/Case STudy ²or this lab, you will be crea±ng SQL statements to build a series of rela±onal tables, using SQL CREATE statements in a script Fle format for the Student Database. You will then populate those tables through the use of INSERT statements with sample data. You will need to create a script Fle and name it YourName_Lab3.txt containing the following code. 1. The drop table statements listed later in the speciFca±ons of this lab. 2. The CREATE TABLE statements required to build the six tables. 3. The INSERT statements necessary to insert all of the sample data. 4. Six select statements to verify that the data is in the tables and accessible. To help you accomplish this task successfully, you are being supplied with the ERD Diagram which follows, and the exact data to be inserted into each table, which may be found via the Doc Sharing tab on the course website. The following guidelines are being provided to help assist you in crea±ng your script Fle. Use the names for the tables and columns as listed in the ERD. Do not change them as it will a³ect your grade. Crea±ng Constraints o Create all NOT NULL constraints as indicated in the ERD. o Create all PK constraints as indicated in the ERD.
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