Customer -firstName: String -lastName: String -streetAddress: String -city:String -state: String -zipCode: String -phoneNumber: String + getFirstName...
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I was wondering if you could look over my class diagrams to see if

they're accurate according to the program and to help me out on the pseudocode for the main method in my java programming class.Thanks!

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PizzaOrder -TAX_RATE: double = 0.0975 -DELIVERY_CHARGE: double = 1.85 -SMALL_PIZZA: double = 10.00 -MEDIUM_PIZZA: double = 12.00 -LARGE_PIZZA: double = 16.00 -EXTRA_TOPPINGS: double = 2.00 -numberOfPizzas: int -SMALL_CODE: char = ‘S’ -MEDIUM_CODE: char = ‘M’ -LARGE_CODE: char = ‘L’ -CONTINUE_CODE = ‘Y’ -DISCONTINUE_CODE = ‘N’ + calculateSubTotal(): double + calculateTax(): double + calculateTotal(): double +getNumberOfPizzas():int +setNumberOfPizzas(int numberOfPizzas): void + getTAX_RATE(): double +getDELIVERY_CHARGE: double +getSmallPizza: double +getMediumPizza: double Customer -FrstName: String -lastName: String -streetAddress: String -city:String -state: String -zipCode: String -phoneNumber: String + get±irstName (): String + set±irstName (String FrstName): void + getLastName (): String + setLastName (String lastName): void + getStreetAddress (): + setStreetAddress (String streetAddress): void + getCity (): String + setCity (String city): void + getState (): String + setState (String state): void + getZipCode (): String + setZipCode (String zipCode): void + getPhoneNumber (): String + setPhoneNumber(String phoneNumber): void + toString(): String -formatPhoneNumber(String toString): String
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+getLargePizza: double +getNumberOfToppings(): void Pseudocode?????? *Im thinking that it is going to be a switch choice method maybe PizzaInput -keyboard: Scanner -validatePizza():String + readPizzaInput (Customer customer): void + readMenuInput ():int PizzaOutput -SMALL: char = ‘s’ -MEDIUM: char = ‘m’ -LARGE:char = ‘l’ -RESIDENT: String = “Resident” -NONRESIDENT: String = “Non-Resident” -UNKNOWN: String = “Unknown” + printMenu (): void + printCustomer (Camper camper): void + printSummary (PizzaOrder order): void
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