10. (TCO 6) In order to move the file C:DataCustData.txt to C:BackUpCustData.txt in a VBScript program, use the following command ( fso is a Scripting.FileSystemObject). (Points : 5)
       fso.MoveFile("C:BackUpCustData.txt", "C:DataCustData.txt")            
       fso.FileMove("C:BackUpCustData.txt", "C:DataCustData.txt")

Question 11.11. (TCO 6) In a VBScript program, to copy the file C:DataCustData.txt to C:BackUpCustData.txt, use the following command (assuming that fso is a Scripting.FileSystemObject) . (Points : 5)
       fso.FileCopy("C:BackUpCustData.txt", "C:DataCustData.txt")            
       fso.CopyFile("C:BackUpCustData.txt", "C:DataCustData.txt") 

Question 12.12. (TCO 6) The following VBScript statement will open an existing text file.

            Set file = fso.OpenTextFile("C:DataCustData.txt", ?, ??, ???)

            To open this file for appending, the value of ? must be _____.(Points : 5)


) Write the VBScript code lines that perform the following tasks: Define a variable age that is initialized to 35. Display a message that uses the variable to display Your age is 35, but 10 years ago, you were 25. Note: The value 25 is calculated from the variable age. Also note the period at the end of the displayed output.

2. (TCO 3) A movie theater manager says, "Provide a discount to patrons who are under 15 years old and those who are over 55 years old; otherwise, charge the full price." Write the VBScript code that implements this logic. Assume the variables age and price and the constants DISCOUNT_PRICE and FULL_PRICE.

4. (TCO 5) Write a VBScript function called GetName( ) that prompts the user to input his or her name and returns the name value. Use the StdIn and StdOut streams for input and output.

14. (TCO 1) Write the NETSH command that will set the IP address of the interface name "NIC" to with a default-gateway of and a metric of 1.

11. (TCO 4) A VBScript array stores a _____ in memory.(Points : 5)

       collection of values
       single value                 
       character value            
       floating point value

5. (TCO 3) Every decision you make in a computer program involves evaluating one or more _____ expression(s).(Points : 5)


3. (TCO 3) What VBScript Boolean operator could be used to combine the following decision-making structure into a single If/Then structure?(Points : 5)


1. (TCO 5) Intermediate values that are not inputted or displayed should be stored in _____ variables.(Points : 5)


2. (TCO 1) The Windows CLI shell command that is used to display all of the environmental variables and their values is _____.(Points : 5)


9. (TCO 2) The value of a string constant will _____.(Points : 5)

       change during the execution of a program                    
       remain the same until it is assigned a new value                       
       be on the left side of an assignment operation               
       retain the same value during program execution 

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