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Hello! I need help with my 100 level Java programming hw...

Hello! I need help with my 100 level Java programming hw assignment. I uploaded a pdf document, currently trying to work on part III but not sure how to get started. Thank you so much.

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CSE 114: Computer Science I Homework #3 Fall 2016 Assignment Due: September 23, 2016 by 11:59 pm Directions: Solve the following problems to the best of your ability. At the top of every file you write for this assignment, include the following information in a comment, with each item on a separate line: your first and last name as they appear in Blackboard your Stony Brook ID # the course number (CSE 114) the assignment name and number (Homework #3) ± Your files, Java classes, Java methods, etc. must be named and/or defined as proscribed below. Work that does not meet the program specifications (e.g., wrong file names or wrong method names) will not be graded. ± Upload your .java files to Blackboard by the indicated due date and time. Late work will not be accepted for grading. Work is late if it is submitted after the due date and time. ± Source code that does not compile will not be graded. ± Do not upload .class files. Such files be deleted. ± Do not combine your .java files into a zip file, rar file or other archive. Such files will be deleted. The grader will not unpack archive files to search for your source code. ± Do not include any package declarations in your source code unless directed to do so. Points may be deducted if your code must be edited to remove unnecessary package declarations. Assignment Objectives By the end of this assignment you should be able to design, code, run and test original Java programs featuring if-statements, string manipulation and basic output formatting. Part I: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun (3 points) Filename(s): Write a program that prompts the user to enter, in this order , (i) a month (which could be in mixed upper- case/lowercase), (ii) a day and (iii) a four-digit year. Then, the program prints the date in a format MM/DD/YY , with exactly two digits each for the month, day and year. It also prints whether the reformatted date is a palin- drome. CSE 114 – Fall 2016 Homework #3 Page 1
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