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Linked List Build Forward Problem: Suppose that we read a list of integers ending with -999. The following func±on, buildListForward, builds a linked list in a forward manner) and returns the pointer of the built list: Q1: The bulidListForward func±on to create a linked List structure with the keyboard input( cin >> num). Change this func±on to receive the values stored in the array from the main func±on( use int type pointer variable). eg. nodeType* buildListForward(int *arrayPrt, int Size) Q2: Implement main func±on to call bulidListForward with an array type actual parameter that contains node informa±on 2, 15, 8, 24, 34. Q3: Declare a struct named nodeType which contains two members info and *link; Q4: Inside of the func±on buildListForward, change while loop to for loop to be able to get node informa±on from the array and put this node informa±on to newNode. Q5: At the main func±on, print out node informa±on by Traversing the Linked List that we have created at the main func±on and print out node informa±on as follows: Input int Size_Array = 5; int ArrayInfo[5] = { 2, 5, 8, 24, 34 }; Output & address of curr pointer 0x125cc20 & address of info: 0x125cc20 INFO: 2 LINK 0x125cc40 & address of info: 0x125cc40 INFO: 5 LINK 0x125cc60 & address of info: 0x125cc60 INFO: 8 LINK 0x125cc80 & address of info: 0x125cc80 INFO: 24 LINK 0x125cca0 & address of info: 0x125cca0 INFO: 34 LINK 0 nodeType* buildListForward( ) { nodeType *²rst, *newNode, *last; int num; cout << "Enter a ²rst of interges." << endl; cin >> num; ²rst = NULL;
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while (num != -999) { newNode = new nodeType; newNode->info = num; newNode->link = NULL; if (Frst == NULL) { Frst = newNode; last = newNode; } else { last->link = newNode; last = newNode; } cout << "list of integers ending with -999." << endl; cin >> num; } //end while return Frst; } //end buildList±orward Hand in: 1) Source code and : Lab7.cpp, Lab7.doc ( Capture your screen shot) 2) Upload two Fles to the Black board.
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Linked List Build Forward Problem: Suppose that we read a list of integers ending with -999. The following function, buildListForward, builds a...
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