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Case Study #2: Can we ensure that Digital Government services are secure? Case Scenario: You have been asked to parTcipate in a panel discussion of security issues aFecTng digital government Websites. Each panel member has been asked to select a speci±c Website (from the list provided in ²able 1) and then research (a) the informaTon and services that it provides and (b) the security issues which could impact the delivery of digital government services. Your two to three page summary of your research will be provided to the panel audience in advance of the discussion. Table 1. List of Approved Digital Government Websites Base URLs BENE³I²S.GOV CANCER.GOV CONSUMER³INANCE.GO V DA²A.GOV DIGI²ALGOV.GOV DISAS²ERASSIS²ANCE.GOV ³OODSA³E²Y.GOV GIRLSHEAL²H.GOV GRAN²S.GOV HEAL²HCARE.GOV MEDICARE.GOV READY.GOV RECREA²ION.GOV REGULA²IONS.GOV RESEARCH.GOV SA³ERCAR.GOV SERVE.GOV S²OPBULLYING.GOV S²OP³AKES.GOV USA.GOV USAJOBS.GOV VOLUN²EER.GOV WOMENSHEAL²H.GOV Research: 1. Read / Review the Week 3 readings. 2. Research three or more a´acks which could compromise the security of a Digital Government Website which uses Web ApplicaTons, a Web Server, and a Database Server. Here are some sources to get you started: a. Web ApplicaTons Architectures and Security (in the Week 3 content module). b. Cyber Vandalism -- h´ps:// social-media-cyber-vandalism-toolkit / c. Cybersecurity: AcTons needed to address challenges facing federal systems (GAO 15- 573²) h´p:// d. CogniTve Hacking and Digital Government: Digital IdenTty h´p:// e. US-Cert PublicaTons (See ²echnical Reports secTon) h´ps:// publicaTons#reports 3. Review the Website for a digital government service (select one of the Websites listed in ²able 1). What types of informaTon or services are available via your selected Website? What populaTon does this Website serve (who is the intended audience)? 4. As part of your Digital Government Website review, determine the types and sensiTvity of informaTon collected, displayed, processed, and stored by the Web applicaTons which implement the Digital Government service. a. See h´p:// services / for general security and privacy requirements.
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b. See FIPS 199 for additonal guidance on deTermining The sensitviTy level of a Federal I± sysTem. (See The secton on public websites. ) 5. Using FIPS 200 and NIS± SP 800-53, research The general Types of securiTy conTrols which are required for The I± sysTems hostng The DigiTal GovernmenT service ThaT you reviewed. 6. Find Three or more additonal sources which provide informaton abouT besT practce recommendatons for ensuring The securiTy of The Web Applicatons used To deliver DigiTal GovernmenT informaton and services. ±hese additonal sources can include analysT reporTs and/or news sTories abouT recenT a²acks / ThreaTs, daTa breaches, cybercrime, cyber Terrorism, eTc. which impacTed The securiTy of digiTal governmenT services. Write: WriTe a Two To Three page summary of your research. AT a minimum, your summary musT include The following: 1. An inTroducton or overview of digital government which provides de³nitons and addresses The laws, regulatons, and policies which require ThaT federal agencies provide informaton and services via The Web. ±his inTroducton should be suiTable for an executve audience. 2. An overview of The informaton and services provided by your selecTed digiTal governmenT WebsiTe. Answer The following questons: a. WhaT Types of informaton or services are available via your selecTed WebsiTe? b. WhaT populaton does This WebsiTe serve (who is The inTended audience)? c. WhaT sensitviTy level which should be assigned To The WebsiTe (use FIPS 199 criTeria). d. WhaT securiTy issues were observed during your review? 3. A separaTe secton which addresses The archiTecTures and securiTy issues inherenT in The use of Web applicatons when used To deliver The services provided by your selecTed digiTal governmenT WebsiTe. 4. A separaTe secton which includes recommendatons for best pracTces for ensuring Web applicaton securiTy during The design, implemenTaton, and operaton of digiTal governmenT websiTes. Include ³ve or more besT practce recommendatons in your discussion. Your whiTe paper should use sTandard Terms and de³nitons for cybersecuriTy. ±he following sources are recommended: ISACA Glossary h²p:// Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud CompuTng h²p:// Formatting Instructions Use sTandard APA forma´ng for The MS Word documenT ThaT you submiT To your assignmenT folder. Forma´ng requiremenTs and examples are found under Course Resources > APA Resources.
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Case Study #2: Can we ensure that Digital Government services are secure?
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