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i need this complete project with network diagram and explain all

elements in the project. i don't need one or two paragraph answers. this is second time i am posting the project don't waste my money and time .please send complete project with all requirements in attachment .

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Case Study ISOL 532 Your company, Praetor, Inc, develops non-lethal crowd control technology for police and military use. It has decided to move the headquarters and primary operations to Amarillo, Texas and utilize an outside disaster recovery company to provide a disaster recovery hot site in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Praetor, Inc, while most of its technology is for the civilian police market, has one Research and Development unit that is developing a light-based crowd control device for large groups for use by the military market. This unit is made up of 25 people – many of which do not currently live in Amarillo and the company has no plans to force their relocation to the new location. The headquarters building is 3 floors in height and have approximately 150,000 square feet. As the senior CISSP, you have been tasked with designing the network solution with both functionality and usability in mind for the new location. Further specifications\company requirements: 1. The primary site (Amarillo) is the only one you need to concern yourself with designing as the hot site (Wayne) is considered to be logically identical as it is a mirror hot site for business continuity\disaster recovery 2. There needs to be a constant connection between the two sites with no less than 105 Mbps throughput 3. There will be a datacenter on the third floor 4. There will be 100 network connections on each floor 5. There are 4 primary divisions in the company: Headquarters\Administration, Sales\Customer support, Research and Development (this division includes the Light device research t group) and Information Technology 6. The members of the Light device research group that do not live in Amarillo need to be able to connect to the primary datacenter at any time 7. Physical security as well as logical must be considered 8. There are file servers, database servers, corporate webservers and external sales webservers and all must have high-availability 9. All servers must have redundancy (both physical and how they are configured) 10. The solution should have a plan to verify security measures Case requirements: 1. You should submit network drawings showing a. the topology of the network b. the topology of the VPN setup They should include the hardware (and be labeled as such) but only generally – no brand names or models, just “switch”, “firewall”, “router”, “server” and so on; any cabling differences should be noted as well. 2. You should include a paper that contains the following: a. List any recommended cable and where it will be used b. List the type of connection you will utilize to ensure 105 Mbps connection between sites (do not just give a medium, like fiber or copper, or just a protocol) c. Recommend wiring closets wherever needed
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d. Recommend any WAN or wireless technologies; mention and explain what topologies you used and why e. How you will set up the servers (both physical and logical should be explained) to have: i. redundancy ii. high-availability f. What logical protections you recommend i. What measures you will take to protect against attack ii. What measures you will take to prevent attacks iii. What measures you will take to be notified that you are being attacked g. Recommend and describe logical (i.e. network) traps to stop attackers h. Any physical security measures you deem appropriate i. What they are ii. Where they are iii. How they protect i. How the remote users will connect securely j. How will security measures be verified ? k. Justify your recommendations Grading Criteria and Notes 1. APA or MLA style\formatting is acceptable – double spaced lines, 10 or 12 point Arial font is preferred. 2. Network diagrams must be your original work or they will not be accepted 3. Network Diagrams must show all network devices (workstations, since there are a large number, can be grouped so that 1 icon can represent 10 or 100 or whatever number you want them to be); the VPN diagrams only need to show the nodes involved in the VPN setup (as well as their relation to other networking devices, like routers, firewalls, etc), including the remote user. 4. Original written work is mandatory . Do not copy\paste directly from websites, ads, or any other work that is not yours – unless it is cited as a quote - or it will not be accepted. 5. If there is plagiarism in one part of the Case, the entire Case is tainted and will receive a zero. There will be no additional submissions – once the final submission receives a zero for plagiarism that will the final grade for the Case. 6. If you want to explain a common item – such as a particular topography (for example a Star topography) it is acceptable to use a graphic from another source, but it must be cited in the footnotes and works cited\bibliography page just as you would a quote from another source or information received from an outside source. NOTE: a generic diagram (such as a star, token, etc. diagram) used in this fashion will not constitute the network diagram. 7. Do not use specific manufacturers\models (i.e. Cisco 2960, Dell Optiplex 9010, etc.) unless you feel you absolutely have to – if you do there must be a very good explanation why you felt you had to use this particular model. 8. While there is no set budget, it is advisable to use solutions that are in line with common business practices unless there is a reason to go above and beyond (i.e. fiber to every workstation would be VERY expensive) and the reason should be fully explained. 9. If a specific software is to be utilized, list all aspects as to how it is to be used. 10. Recommendations must be specific – i.e. you cannot just say “protections will be in place\utilized”; you have to explain what those protections are as well as their purpose 11. Each recommendation must be explained specifically and fully. 12. Do not neglect to do any part of the case. 13. Cases must be submitted through iLearn, not through email, and must be prior to the deadline. 14. The rough draft must be submitted or the final case submission grade will be reduced by 15%. The rough draft is due November 13 th , 11:59 PM, EST 15. While the rough draft does not have to be a completed paper, the more you submit in the rough draft, the more suggestions I can offer to better your final grade.
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Case Study ISOL 532 Your company, Praetor, Inc, develops non-lethal crowd control technology for police and military use. It has decided to move the...
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