When you have finished the reading and thought about our topic, prepare a paper addressing the following: The primary function of a CPU and each...
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When you have fnished the reading and thought about our topic, prepare a paper addressing the Following: The primary functon of a CPU and each secton of a CPU, ±he requiremen±s of a program coun±er, a s±ack poin±er, and s±a±us Fag in a microprocessor. Various ±ypes of semiconduc±or memory and ±heir meri±s, demeri±s, and area of applicatons. The la±es± ±rends in compu±er memory ±echnology developmen±. Assignmen± Expec±atons Leng±h: minimum 4-5 pages excluding cover page and reFerences (since a page is about 300 words, this is approximately 1,200-1,500 words). Assignmen± driven Cri±eria (25 poin±s): Demonstrates clear understanding oF the subject and addresses all key elements oF the assignment. Critcal ±hinking (10 poin±s): Demonstrates mastery conceptualizing the problem. Shows analysis, synthesis and evaluaTon oF required material. Scholarly writng (5 poin±s): Demonstrates wriTng profciency at the academic level oF the course addressing the learning outcomes oF the assignment. Quali±y of references (4 poin±s) and assignmen± organizaton (3 poin±s): Uses relevant and credible sources to support asserTons. Assignment is well organized and Follows the structure oF a well wri±en paper.
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