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What is implicit and explicit based on this paragraph? Thank you

Recent research has suggested the importance of assessing automatically

activated, introspectively unidentified, or implicit beliefs about the self (e.g.,

Fazio, Jackson, Dunton, & Williams, 1995; Greenwald & Banaji, 1995;

Greenwald, McGhee, & Schwartz, 1998; Hetts, Sakuma, & Pelham, 1999).

Although implicit and explicit measures sometimes reveal congruent findings,

this is not always the case. Particularly in the realm of the self,

implicit self-evaluations (ISE) appear to exhibit a number of properties

distinct from those exhibited by explicit self-evaluations (ESE), including

the prediction of spontaneous or difficult-to-control behavior (e.g.,

Asendorpf, Banse, & Muecke, 2002; Spalding & Hardin, 1999), covariation

with long-term regularities in one's social or cultural environment, even in

the face of recent changes (Hetts et al., 1999), and relative immunity to

social desirability and self-presentational considerations (Greenwald et al.,



The Current Research

The current study is designed to further explore these properties of ISE

through the lens of terror management theory in an applied setting in which

mortality salience is a frequent experience. In particular, we seek to determine

the influence of mortality salience on ISE in Israel, a country that is (sadly)

highly familiar with and frequently endures terrorist attacks. Given the high

incidence of terror attacks, the overwhelming number of Israeli citizens who

have been either directly or indirectly affected by these attacks, and the

constant fear that seems to lurk in the back of Israelis' minds, we believe that

bringing death-related thoughts to the forefront of participants' minds will

not be difficult to do and that, upon exposure to thoughts of terror, Israelis

will experience paradoxical, but TMT-relevant, elevations of implicit selfesteem.

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What is implicit and explicit based on this paragraph?
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