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an advantages and disadvantages essay. paragraphs: an introduction,...

an advantages and disadvantages essay. paragraphs: an introduction, two body paragraphs and a conclusion


1- The pendant

It turns speech into text. 

One of the biggest trends in technology in 2021. 

Converts ideas into text by transforming voice into notes. 


Advantages and disadvantages


-        Users can easily get words written down.

-        It allows users to write papers without caring about keyboarding and technical problems. 

-        Users have to edit. 

-        The system if there is a lot of noise in the speaker's background. 

-        The pendant is costly. 


2- the flatbed scanner 


It converts images and texts into digital/software format that can be used on the computer. 

It reflects light on the image or text, the sensor then detects the colors and then turns the images/text into a digital/software copy. 


Advantages and disadvantages


-        Very accurate and can produce high quality images. 

-        The images and texts produced by the scanner can take up a lot of memory space. 

-        The digitalized images and texts can be included in documents. 

-        The images can be enhanced/edited easily. 

The quality of the final image depends on the quality of the original one.

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