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Each student will complete the following assignment (3000 words...

Each student will complete the following assignment (3000 words maximum, +/- 10%):

A small or medium (SME) UK manufacturing company is considering expanding into mainland

Europe (one EU country) in June 2022.

Identify & Critically evaluate the 4 most immediate factors of the macro business environment it

must take into account when assessing the decision to internationalise or not?

You must use examples and academic models to illustrate your answer.

Company : Urban Jack

Country it is expanding to : France

Suggested outline

· Introduction (200 words)


Ø Briefly outline the chosen company

Ø Outline and justify the selection of your chosen country


· Reason(s) for Expansion (200 words)


Ø Explain why the Company is now (or should) expanding

Ø Identify what stage they are at in the internationalisation process (and the impact that will have will need to be integrated into the factors 1-4)


· Factor One (500 words)

· Factor Two (500 words)

· Factor Three (500 words)

· Factor Four (500 words)


· Recommended Mode of Entry (350 words)


Ø Outline and discuss the chosen mode of entry that you believe the company should use. This could be a single method or dual strategy. 

Ø If you believe they could use 2-3 methods, then discuss what the most relevant one is whilst briefly noting the others.


· Conclusion & Recommendations (250 words)

Answer & Explanation

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