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1. compare and contrast Lombroso's explanation for criminal behavior with contemporary traits.

2. Two friends enjoy tagging (spray painting) building at night. Business owners in the community have called for more police patrolling in the area to stop this activity. The police responded that they are too busy to patrol an area where there is no violent crime threat. Provide three ways the business owners could enforce general deterrence. Be sure to provide a definition of general deterrence in your respond.

3. in a small town, young people gather at a local convenience store on Friday and Saturday nights to socialize. Often times, these get-together ends in some sort of confrontation. Last Friday night, the police arrested the first five cars of people who sat on the lots without purchasing gas or an item from the convenience store. The other cars then left the lot. What type of deterrence was this intended to be? The next weekend, the police received a call from a property owner who said kids were parked on his land holding a bonfire. What is this an example of? If you were the police chief, what would you do to get young people off of private property for their gathering?   

4. Define the three types of crime prevention programs and provide an example of each.

5. Social learning theory tells us that criminal behavior is learned. Bandura tells us that there are three ways we can observe behavior. What are they? Using the criminal behavior of shoplifting, provide an example of each learning style.

6. Discuss the work of Beccaria and the impact his writing had on the criminal justice system. What are the three elements of punishment that must be present to ensure that is an effective form of punishment.   

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compare and contrast Lombroso's explanation for criminal behavior with contemporary traits. Two friends enjoy tagging (spray painting) building at...
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