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PART IWhich of the following is not a power of the grand jury?

- Multiple Choice - Seven (7) questions each worth five (5) points each, for a total of thirty-five (35) points for this section. 

     a. to convict              b. to indict      c. to subpoena            d. to grant immunity

  1. Which of the following is not a charging document used in the US criminal justice system?

a. arrest warrant              b. complaint     c. indictment         d. writ of certiorari

  1.  The burden of proof at a grand jury is_________________.

a. preponderance of the evidence           b. probable cause

c. reasonable suspicion                           d. proof beyond a reasonable doubt

  1. During the pretrial stage, the process of _______________ takes place.

a. sequestration               b. discovery              c. trial            d. appeal

  1. The most important victim characteristic that influences the prosecution of a case is the victim's ____________.

     a. race       b. age     c. social class      d. prior relationship with the offender

  1. ______________ have traditionally been the forgotten participants in the criminal justice system.

a. defendants      b. prosecutors            c. victims                   d. judges

  1. Compared to the average citizen, a felony defendant is more likely to be;

a. younger           b. male           c. less educated                     d. all of the above

PART II - True or False. Six (6) questions each worth five (5) points, for a total of thirty (30) points total for this section. 


  1. Many legal protections in our system, like the right to confront witnesses, are not applicable at the grand jury stage._____________
  2. Defendant's charged only with simple drug possession offenses are the most likely to be denied bail.___________
  3. Once entered, a guilty plea made pursuant to a plea bargain may never be withdrawn by the defendant.__________
  4. African-American males are far more likely than white males to serve time in a jail or prison during their lifetimes.________
  5. Rates of female offenders have been increasing in recent years. ________
  6. Many victims are reluctant to testify in court for fear of retaliation._____

PART III - Completions. Please complete each of the following seven (7) statements with one of the words found below. Each question is worth five (5) points for a total of thirty-five (35) points for this section. You may use each answer only once.

  1. Victim/witness ___________________ programs encourage participation in the court process by reducing inconveniences faced by those who appear in court.
  2. A defendant who has a lengthy criminal record may be considered a ________________.
  3. A victim may choose to make an _____________________ at the defendant's sentencing hearing.
  4.  _____________ is given as a financial guarantee that the released defendant will return to court.
  5. The defendant is formally told the charges and asked to enter a plea at the _________________
  6. The ____________________ decides if the accused should be indicted.
  7. Holding a defendant in custody prior to their trial in the belief that the defendant may commit further crimes or flee the jurisdiction is known as _________________.

Grand jury                  trial jury                     bail

Career criminal           booking                      preventive detention

Impact statement       assistance                   ROR                                      arraignment                            

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PART I - Multiple Choice - Seven (7) questions each worth five (5) points each, for a total of thirty-five (35) points for this section. Which of the...
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