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Chapter 3 - Research Assignment The Rock Cycle Assignment: Provide...

Chapter 3 - Research Assignment The Rock Cycle Assignment: Provide 3 short paragraphs, of about 80 words each, where in your own words you will make a statement about the following points: Of the two main sources of energy that drive the rock cycle - Earth’s internal heat and solar radiation – which is primarily responsible for each of the three types of rocks found on and within Earth? Explain your reasoning. The sedimentary rocks coquina and shale have each formed in response to interactions between two or more of the Earth’s spheres. List the spheres associated with the formation of each of the rocks, and write a short explanation for each of your choices. 3. Every year about 20,000 pounds of stone, sand, and gravel are mined for each person in the United States. a. Calculate how many pounds of stone sand and gravel will be needed of reach person during an average 80 year lifespan. b. If one cubic yard of rocks weighs 1,700 pounds, calculate (in cubic yards) how large a hole must be dug to supply and individual with 80 years worth of rocks,, sand, and gravel. Requirements: Use spelling check before you submit the results. Please list resources.

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