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In preparation for final it will be helpful if the study guide...

In preparation for final it will be helpful if the study guide attached is completed with the answer to each question.

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METR 112 SP 2016 MIDTERM Study Guide Material (Dessler Ch. 1-6),Lectures Chapter 1 o Weather vs. Climate o climate change o anomaly o Global Temperature ±meseries o Ways people should come to a scien±fc claim o Problems how people rush to believe claims on science topics. o IPCC Chapter 2.1 o Recent evidence oF climate change Satellite SurFace/land records Cryosphere (Arc±c Sea ice, Greenland/Antarc±c Ice Sheet, Anarc±c Sea Ice) Ocean Chapter 2.2 o Paleoproxies ice cores tree rings o 65 mya-present o 400 thousand years ago –present o ice ages, inter-galacials (temperature anomalies,CO2) o 2000 years ago-present (temperature anomalies,CO2) Chapter 3 o Electromagne±c Radia±on o Temperature o SteFan-Boltzman Law, Wien’s Law o Earth vs. Sun and radia±on Chapter 4 o albedo o Earth w/o an atmosphere vs. Earth normally. o Natural Greenhouse E²ect o Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) (Natural vs. Anthropogenic) o 1-layer vs. 2-layer climate model Chapter 5 o Layers oF the atmosphere/Earth’s atmosphere o GHGs warming poten±al
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