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a normal good.) b. A rise in the price of a substitute good .A fail' in the price ofa complementary good . ' ' d. A 1' in the number of buyers r does...


Hi please answer numbers 9-27. This is shown on the pictures attached above. Answers online didnt supply for all numbers. Thanks


a normal good.)
b. A rise in the price of a substitute good .A fail' in the price ofa complementary good . ' '
d. A 1' in the number of buyers r does a sale on shirts have to do with the law of
emand (as applied to shirts)? . What 15 wrong with this statement: As the rice of a
fails, the supply of that good falls, ceteris purists. g 0d


during a
:ment? quantity
:mand for st month,
must have
i. Discuss : so—called
'erly Hills
hey won’t
1e law of
aver prices
rrly Hills: :1 people
upward— idenrifir
fiward: ation is aw of about the law of
his law have to do 10. In the previous chapter you learned
increasing Opportunity costs. What does t
with an upward-doping supply curve? 11. How might the price oFcorn aFfeet the supply 0F 12.What is the difference between supply and quantity
supplied? 13. Predict what would happen to the equi
marijuana if it were legalized. _ 14. Compare the ratings for television shows With prices For goods. How are ratings like prices? “How are iéttfings
different from prices? (Hint: How does rising deman or a Oparticular television show manifest itself?)
5 .At equilibrium in a market, the maximum prlct' buyers would be willing to pay for the good is equal to the
minimum price sellers need to receive before theyate willing to sell the good. Do you agree or disagree with this
statement? Explain your answer. . 16. Must consumers’ surplus equal producers’ surplus at equi—
librium price? Explain your answer. 17. Many movie theaters charge a lower admission price for
the first show on weekdayr afternoons than they do for a weeknight or weekend show. Explain why. 13.A Dell computer is a subsritute for a Hewlett—Packard
compurer. What happens to the demand for Hewlett- Packard computers and the quantity demanded of Dell
chmputers as the price of a Dell falls? 19. Describe how each of the following will affect the demand
for personal computers: wheat? libriurn price Of a. A rise in income (assuming computers are a normal
300d) . b. A lower expected price for computers c. Cheaper software d. Simpler-tomperate computers !


33ml: .L s'ribflfrlr‘lxl-aflsl’f Eh” filming “’ifl afil’“ tbs supply7 6*" '
I s AllseJ'fl wag: rates
11 M jnrrfls“: in the number ofsellers omeputeL-s , A w. placed on the production Dfmmpurers
.l A subsidy placed on the production ofcumpmm n he law nfdiminishing marginal utility to a lain “'11
”find curves slope dnwmmd_ P y Explain how the market moves to equilibrium in terms of
manages and surplll-SES and in terms {if maximum buying
prim and minimum selling prices. fildmfl'fi’ what happens to equilibrium price and quantity in
ad] ufthe Following eases; _
.,I Demand rises, and supply is constant.
l 1,. Demand Falls. and supply is constant.
a. Supply rim, and demand is constant.
d. Supply Falls. and demand is mnsranr.
e. Bertrand rises by the same amount that supply Falls. E Demnd Falls by the same amount dur supply rises. H
w. CHAPTER 3 Supply and Demandfl'hem')’ 39 3. Demand falls less than supply rim.
h. Demand rises more than supply rises. i. Demand rises less than supply rises.
j. Demand Falls more than supply Falls. 1L Demand falls less than suPply Ellis) 24. Suppose the demand curve for a good is downward lePlng
and the supply curve is upward sloping. Now supp0§e
demand rises. Will producers‘ surplus rise 0|: Fall? Explain your answers. ' Eimm speeding tickets were $190. usually 501:] Spfitdflffi
were on the roads each. month in a given city; when ticket
prices WCI'E raised to$25ll usually215 s eeders were on the
roads in the city each month. Can you md any econurnics in this obscuration?
26. On most days. more people want to see the In ing of The 15mg»: firm with fay Lena [in Burbank. Cali nrniaJ than
dtere are seats in the taping studio. What might explain this she: e?
2? lat does it mean to say that the marker feeds Cleveland.
' Austin. Atlanta, or Indianapnlis? Working with Numbermnd Graph a.

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