Two countries for this assignment are Bolivia and Russia. I am stuck on number 2 (Income distribution in quantities). Can someone explain how to find it or do it for me? BTW that's my first time here.

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hw2f19 - Saved to my Mac Mailings Review View FE AaBbCcDdE AaBbCCD AaBbCcDdE AaBbCcDdl AaBbCCDdEE AaBb Emphasis Heading 1 Normal Strong Subtitle Title ECS 3013 Assignment 2 Date due: October 8th, 2019. 20 points For your two countries (the same ones that you used for Assignment 1) collect and tabulate the following data: 1. N Per capita GNI and 10 year growth rate (from assignment 1) Income distribution in quintiles (you should have 5 rows of data) 3. Gini coefficient or index. 4. % of population below the absolute poverty line. (Choose PPP$ 1.90) for your country. 5. A measure of the poverty gap for the poverty line above. Use the data collected and additional data as needed to answer the following questions. 1. Plot the Lorenz curve for both countries on the same graph. Be sure to label each axis and all the points on the graph. 2. What does the poverty gap tell us in addition to the headcount percentage of poverty? References: Data on Poverty and income distribution is available in the World Development Indicators database. Since the availability of this data varies extensively by country, you may have to search from the 1990s to get this data. Make sure you increase the precision of your data to include up to two decimal places - poverty in some countries may be low. Additional Income distribution data can be found on PovcalNet at Or at

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