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Our team topic is iMac PROECON 207 - Fall 2020Managerial Economics Term Presentation

Suppose you are the manager of one of the following products:


  1. Smartphone (such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, etc)
  2. Social networking website (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)
  3. Some other product that is familiar to most students


Make a presentation analyzing how to sustain and improve your company's profit. You should consider (Using smartphone as an example):


-       Market structures:  competition from other companies

-       Consumers' preferences:  relationships with existing and potential buyers

-       Complementary products with your product (such as operating system, applications, and network providers for smartphones)

-       Technology improvements (such as components, network bandwidth, displays, cameras for smartphones)

-       Supply chain and manufacturing (cost of goods)

-       Any other factors that may affect your profit

The goals of the presentation are twofold.

First, students are expected to use economics theory to analyze the different factors that may affect your company's profit. Next, students are expected to investigate the current situation in the product which they have been assigned (market share, opportunities, and challenges).

Students are expected to collect and analyze the existing data, then either defend or refute the current marketing strategy of the product. Economic reasoning to the information need to be added to prove your point.  

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Our team topic is iMac PRO ECON 207 - Fall 2020 Managerial Economics Term Presentation Suppose you are the manager of one of the following products:...
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