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Problems Problem 1 What is the diference between Gross DomesTc Product and Gross NaTonal Product? Problem 2 ±he book details Four types oF unemployment. I am oF the belieF that the most harmFul is structural unemployment. Contrast structural unemployment to the other three Forms. Whether you agree with me or not explain why structural unemployment can be more damaging than the other three. 1
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Problem 3 Explain how infaton can have redisTributve eFecTs in The economy. Do you Think The ±ederal Reserve over-emphasizes infaton as a policy concern? Why, or why noT? Problem 4 ±orTy years ago, The price o² a new Volkswagen was $5,000. (AcTual price adjusTed To simpli²y The calculaton). ³he price o² a new Volkswagen is $25,000 Today. Basing your answer solely on The a²orementoned prices, by whaT percenT have prices increased over The pasT ²orTy years? (Show your work). WhaT average annual infaton raTe would have resulTed in This answer? (ExTra crediT--show your work). 2
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Problems Problem 1 What is the difference between Gross Domestic Product and Gross National Product?
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